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(Several race participants arrive at the Eastland Disaster checkpoint.)

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4th Annual Wild Scallion Urban Adventure Race
September 24, 2005

This year's Wild Scallion Urban Adventure Race (the 4th Annual) included numerous points of interest throughout Chicago and along the Chicago River.  The race was sponsored by Merrell, while the Eastland Disaster Historical Society sponsored the third checkpoint of the race.

As race participants arrived at the corner of LaSalle Street and Wacker Drive, volunteers checked them in and gave each a red carnation.  Participants then descended the stairs to the lower level, to the actual site of the Eastland Disaster.  Here they were given a verbal overview of the tragedy, before placing their red carnation into the river in commemoration of the nearly 850 people who lost their lives.  All of the participants demonstrated the utmost respect in completing this checkpoint, and many were seen saying a brief prayer and/or making the sign of the cross on their chests.

In addition to the Eastland Disaster checkpoint, other checkpoints included climbing the Sears Tower, taking rides on the Metra buses, scootering, and much more.  Additional information including the results of the race can be found at the official site of the Wild Scallion Urban Adventure Race.

This creative way of sharing the story of the Eastland Disaster with a relatively new demographic - primarily 20- and 30-somethings - was suggested and coordinated by EDHS Trustee Liz Garibay.  In the end, nearly 300 people received a brief education on the history of Chicago's most obscure yet greatest tragedy.

(Top photo: Volunteer Bonnie Paisley observes the banners for the race site sponsors.)
(Middle-left photo: Red carnations donated by race site sponsor, Ashland-Addison Florist.)
(Middle-right photo: Red carnations after respectfully being committed to the river
by race participants in observance of those who perished at the site over 90 years ago.)

(Bottom photo: Volunteers Susan Decker/EDHS (left), Michelle Woods/CDOT (middle), and Liz Garibay/EDHS.)

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