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Those Who Were At The Scene

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Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Those Who Were At The Scene
Ally, Norman268     Photographer  
Anthony, Charles268     Photographer  
Craig, Orville296        
Delaney, John F.182     Newspaper reporter  
Eckhardt, Fred     Chicago Tribune photographer  
Elliott, Mr.260   Married Train dispatcher for the Chicago Tunnel Company  
Elliott, James Lee260 7 Single   Son of Mr. Elliott
Fleming, Frank326     Street reporter for the Chicago City News Bureau Was dispatched to the wharf to cover the excursion and picnic
Fujita, Jun 26   Chicago Evening Post photographer  
Gerlach, Captain Clarence236     Captain for Pittsburgh Steamship Division of U.S. Steel Company Came upon the scene immediately after the tragedy
Hansen, Lawrence182 18     Witnessed the tragedy while on the street
Lavandier, Joseph A.196     Street reporter for the Chicago City News Bureau  
Lipowski, John158 21   Messenger  
McCreary, Robert H.323     Deputy Collector, Chicago Custom House Assigned to oversee boarding; contacted the U.S. Coast Guard when the Eastland rolled over
Mitchell, Everett283 17 Single   Had just gotten off the elevated train
Shimek, John201       Brought camera along for picnic
Smoot, Harlow Eldredge231 23   North American Cold Storage Company Witnessed aftermath of Eastland Disaster
Wright, George326     Chicago City News Bureau Worked the last watch and dispatched Frank Fleming

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