Guest Testimonials
July 11, 2001 Terrence Heeney originally Oak Park, IL
October 17, 2000 Pearl Schaefer Woodstock, IL
September 2, 2000 Cecilia Kough Chicago, IL
July 25, 2000 Melonie Honeycutt Tyler, TX
April 25, 2000 Robert Kern Chicago, IL
April 8, 2000 Lois Durr Oahu, HI
January 31, 2000 Georgiann Fuchs Kostka Covina, CA
November 3, 1999 Robert Rodriguez Bensenville, IL
November 1, 1999 Todd Hawes Glendale Heights, IL
July 26, 1999 Carol Frieders Aurora, IL
Presentations, exhibits and special events
August 4, 2002 Wauconda Area Library Wauconda, IL
April 19, 2002 College Church Seniors/Keenagers Wheaton, IL
November 10, 2001 Highland Park Public Library Highland Park, IL
March 20, 2001 Glenview Public Library Glenview, IL
August 12, 2000 Marcia Ashcom originally south side of Chicago
July xx, 2000 Guest1 Location 1
July xx, 2000 Guest2 Location 2
July xx, 2000 Guest3 Location 3
March 15, 2000 Luther Village Arlington Heights, IL
March 3, 2000 St. Mark Lutheran Church Mt. Prospect, IL
March 1, 2000 Liz Garibay, Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, IL
February 16, 2000 Illinois State Historical Society Springfield, IL
July 25, 1999 Gary Kremholz Arlington Heights, IL
December 10, 2000 Dr. Susan Fournier DePaul University, Chicago, IL
November 5, 2000 Ryan Germain Crofton, MD
October 20, 2000 Marilou Bautista Chicago, IL
September 24, 2000 Tobin Roggenbuck Oswego, IL
July 10, 2000 Alex Kim Lake Forest, IL
May 27, 2000 Howard Myones Hollywood, FL
March 10, 2000 Robin Sor Chicago, IL
February 22, 2000 Jennifer Sellers Cicero, IL
February 21, 2000 Science and Arts Academy Des Plaines, IL
January 24, 2000 Josh Freedman Chicago, IL
September 18, 1999 Rhonda Conlon Pennsylvania
August 4, 1999 Ashley Miller Idaho
February 23, 1999 Liz Ruiz Cicero, IL
Family history
November 5, 2001 Frank Sweeney Naperville, IL
August 23, 2001 Therese Marchewka Gasper Riverside, IL
August 12, 2001 Lenore Same Colorado
March 4, 2001 Linda Szalacinski Milwaukee, WI
February 18, 2001 Ann Dodge Elk Grove Village, IL
October 5, 2000 Lisa Walker Holland, MI
August 5, 2000 Lauren Nelson Gurnee, IL
April 25, 2000 Tom Ramsey Chicago, IL
April 23, 2000 John Coleman Chicago's South suburbs, IL
April 19, 2000 Carol Gapen Naperville, IL
February 7, 2000 Shirley Dorgan Darien, IL
January 23, 2000 Eileen (Watson) Kolin Palatine, IL
January 14, 2000 Jack and Joyce Nilsen Elmwood Park, IL
December 22, 1999 Jean Zack Downers Grove, IL
December 19, 1999 Frank Sweeney Naperville, IL
December 12, 1999 Virginia (Beverley) Reda Addison, IL
November 25, 1999 Donna Keenan Bolingbrook, IL
August 31, 1999 Dave Sweeney Naperville, IL
August 15, 1999 Larry Bircher Elmhurst, IL
February 18, 1999 Bob Dorgan Darien, IL
Web site
August 20, 2001 Cathie Talarek Wisconsin
August 8, 2001 Gordon Provost Northumberland, England
August 2, 2001 Ellen Mitchell  
July 26, 2001 Mary Heveron-Smith Webster, NY
July 25, 2001 Lee Zolner Brookfield, IL
March 10, 2001 Michael Smith Florida
January 8, 2001 Brian Drake U.S. Coast Guard, 9th District
September 18, 2000 Mary Edwards North Carolina
August 11, 2000 Carrie Brissette Indiana
March 9, 2000 Michael Beverley Chicago, IL
January 9, 2000 Jane Rines Hobart, IN
December 15, 1999 Jennifer Thomas Ottawa, IL
November 1, 1999 Peter Chapman Chicago, IL
October 2, 1999 Jean Mau Rolling Meadows, IL
August 29, 1999 Wayne Suerth Albuquerque, NM
July 27, 1999 Mike Colagrossi Chicago, IL
July 25, 1999 Pat P. Naperville, IL
May 19, 1999 Pam Osborn Colorado
May 9, 1999 Norm Barton Harrow, Ontario, Canada
April 18, 1999 Nancy Sena Chicago, IL
March 5, 1999 Margaret Sweeney Cicero, IL
February 2, 1999 Juan Lee Salt Lake City, UT

  Wauconda Area Library letter  

  November 5, 2001

I wanted to thank you, Barbara and Susan for the fine presentation to College Church Seniors/Keenagers on April 19. We now have a more thorough understanding of the Eastland Disaster and your passion for sharing the story with others.

I was impressed by the professionalism of your presentation. It was first class. Our people appreciated your thoughtful Christian message which concluded the program. I would be happy to serve as a reference should you ever desire that.

Barbara and Susan are an important part of the presentation - they bring a meaningful modern day relationship to the ninety-year-old story.

I will stay in touch with your web site to keep up with the story. Keep up your good work!

C. Samuel Gray
Program Chairman for Keenagers


  Highland Park Public Library letter  

  November 5, 2001

It's amazing how much our family has learned about this disaster and our family history.  My children and their families now know more than they ever would have about their own heritage thru your efforts.

Thanks again,
Frank Sweeney


  August 23, 2001

Margot and I wish to thank you for helping us honor our fathers.  Margot had no idea that her father had been interviewed, she was very deeply moved when she read the article.  Keep up all the good work, this is a piece of history that should not be forgotten.

Continued best wishes,
Therese Marchewka Gasper


  August 20, 2001

Thank you very much for a very informative insight into the Eastland Disaster.  I appreciate all the hard work that went into the making of the site.  It is most valuable information and greatly appreciated.

Cathie Talarek


  August 12, 2001

Only now did I realize that there exists an historical society.  As I study my family's history, my children will learn from this web site.  Thank you for preserving this history.

Lenore Same


  August 8, 2001

As often happens, I came upon this Eastland site by accident.  I stayed for several hours.

It is an astonishing story, but what is more astonishing is that it is not better known.  I had never heard of it before, yet the loss of life was apalling and the circumstances 'unusual,' to say the least.

Your site tells the story with precision and power.  You never compromise the dignity of those who died, and your analysis is even handed and thoughtful.

Congratulations, we can't afford to forget stories like that of the unfortunate Eastland.  Those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them, as someone once said!

Best wishes from Northumberland, England.
Gordon Provost


  August 2, 2001

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for such a poignant web page that is both informative and a memorial to the people lost.  Thanks to your efforts to preserve their memory, I can spend lots of hours searching for a connection.  I also will become a member of your society.

Ellen Mitchell


  July 26, 2001

Thanks for putting together a great web site.  It makes the tragedy more real for me, a teacher in Webster.

Mary Heveron-Smith


  July 25, 2001

Some of us know of this disaster but not to the extent that your website brings it out through the pictures and personal stories.

Lee Zolner


  July 11, 2001

Congratulations on so much "brilliant" work.  You are to be congratulated and cheered for what you, and fellow volunteers, have achieved.  It is a tremendous achievement.

Terrence Heeney


  March 23, 2001

Your program on the Eastland Disaster was excellent, informative, interesting and very well received.  The audience seemed to hang on every word and contribute their own stories with added fascination.  I commend all of you for starting your historical society to preserve this little known part of Chicago's history which should be a significant story.  I hope with your efforts it will move to the forefront of history.  I wish all of you continued success with your program.  I certainly will recommend it!

Anne Feeney


  March 10, 2001

Your website is illuminating in its detail.

Michael Smith


  March 4, 2001

THANK YOU!  You have no idea how surprised and happy I am!  I didn't think there were any photos of Matthew.

Lots to find, many questions to answer, so litte TIME!  A common complaint of any family history researcher, I'm sure.

Thank you again for the picture!  Matthew looks so much like our family that the link must be direct, now I just have to get down to Chi-town and get the records!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Linda Szalacinski


  February 18, 2001

Thank you for this site.  My grandfather and aunt died on the Eastland.  I have always wanted to know more about it.  Now thanks to this site I have learned much about this tragedy.

Ann Dodge


  January 8, 2001

This is the best site I have come across regarding this horrific disaster.

Brian Drake


  DePaul University header  
  December 10, 2000

Dr Susan M. Fournier
Department of Sociology
DePaul University
990 W. Fullerton, Rm 1118
Chicago, IL 60614

Dear Ted, Susan and Barbara,

Once again, thank you very much for your excellent lecture in my introduction to Sociology class on Wednesday.  October 25, 2000.  It was so well presented, organized and informative!  And your photos and video were a wonderful asset, as well as the detailed depiction of the events leading up to the actual sinking of the Eastland.  An immensely interesting lecture, overall.

And thank you for all of your efforts planning and arranging for this event, and also to Jean Decker for her contributions as Society Treasurer.

I was quite moved by your presentation.  And I am grateful that you were willing to be a part of my class and my students' learning experience in sociology.  From their comments after your lecture and at the end of the quarter, I can tell you that they were both intrigued and fascinated by the Eastland phenomenon.  The inclusion of the Eastland Disaster into my curriculum this Fall was a perfect means of teaching the students how sociology can be used in the real world.  In this case, to assist in uncovering the social meaning of the Eastland Disaster, then and now.  Your participation in this course definitely sparked their sociological imagination!

I have enclosed copies of the students' essays which they also submitted to me for a grade.  Students were given the option of whether or not to submit their individual essays to the Eastland Disaster Historical Society.  I am proud to report that nearly all of the students requested that their papers be submitted.  They expressed excitement at being able to make a lasting contribution and at the possibility of being published on your website.  Except where indicated, you may feel free to use these essays on the website and in your future presentations, with proper acknowledgement, of course.

As requested, I have also included a copy of my introductory comments the day of your presentation. Additionally, I have provided you a copy of my lecture notes as presented previously to my class based on my own research into the sociological literature and concept of "social amnesia."  You may, with acknowledgement, also use these notes on your website and feel free to incorporate them into any future presentations or publications.

Your presentation and the topic of the Eastland Disaster are well suited to the university level.  I know that my students are excited at being a part of this rebirth of such an important part of Chicago's history.  And I am as well.

Keep up the good work!  It's a fascinating endeavor you're engaged in and a meaningful one, not just for us, but for future generations as well.

With warm regard,
Susan M. Fournier, PhD


  November 5, 2000

Your web site is excellent.  I am doing a school report and this was my best source of information.

Ryan Germain


  October 20, 2000

I'm helping my 6th grader daughter do research on Chicago and she decided on working on shipwrecks in and near Chicago.  This site seems very well put together and full of insightful information.  Thank you for all your work.

Marilou Bautista


  October 5, 2000

Just happened to look up your site -- and not really expecting anything to be there.  We have had a story floating around our family that there was a relative that had died in a shipwreck on the Chicago River.  Happened to look on your Victim's List -- and there we are!  Now we know, one of our family members was on the Eastland and perished with so many others!  Thanks a lot for your work on this site and for the work done constructing a list of victims.  It is nice to have proof of the family story, and as well the information will help me in my geneological project.  Again, thanks.

Lisa Walker


  Pearl Schaefer letter  

  September 24, 2000

I am a senior at Aurora University and I'm working on a research project on the Eastland disaster.  I'll look forward to utilizing this resource.

Tobin Roggenbuck


  September 18, 2000

It is a wonderful site and it brought the "Eastland" alive to me.

Mary Edwards


  September 2, 2000

Hello, I'm very impressed about the information you have gathered on the Eastland Disaster, good job.

Cecilia Kough


  August 12, 2000

I am ashamed to say that even though I was born and raised in South Chicago, I did not know about the Eastland disaster until I returned to settle back in Illinois 4 years ago.  My family and I have made 2 trips to see the Titanic exhibit at Science & Industry, and we also spent a lot of time looking at the Eastland tragedy on display.  I think it was very appropriate that the Eastland be included with the Titanic.  The Eastland disaster happened right here, and Chicago is able to share its sorrows among those many visitors from all over, who are visiting the Titanic display.  I would hope that Science & Industry would reserve a special place for the Eastland memories.  It is because of organizations like you that we can continue to keep the memory alive for our children and grandchildren.  Thank you for educating me as well.

Marcia Ashcom


  August 11, 2000

What can I say?  This site is truly amazing.  The information, the links, the personal's very tragic but very educational too.  Thank you for putting such a fabulous site together about a little known tragedy.  You've got my membership in the mail.

Carrie Brissette


  August 5, 2000

I love your web site!  I am researching my family tree and I have been able to find wonderful information.

Lauren Nelson


  July xx, 2000

Thank you once again for a truly special evening.  It was an experience we'll never forget!



  July xx, 2000

The food was great; the program was professionally done.  I was moved to tears on several occasions.



  July xx, 2000

I don't have the words to describe Saturday's event -- life-transforming comes to mind.



  July 25, 2000

This site has been extremely informative.  I truly appreciate all the time and effort that so many individuals have dedicated to this project.

Melonie Honeycutt


  July 10, 2000

Your web site rocked!!  It really helped me in my report.  Thank you for helping me.

Alex Kim


  May 27, 2000

Dear Eastland Disaster Historical Society, For my school research paper this year I had to write about a disaster.  I had never really known about this, but I had heard of it.  Your site really helped me learn and understand what happened that fateful day.  I would contribute money, but I don't have any.  Thank you and please send me updates about the site.

Howard Myones


  April 25, 2000

Great information.  I had no idea that had happened.  I am from the Chicago area.

Robert Kern


  April 25, 2000

I think it a wonderful and admirable thing that your organization perpetuates the memory of the terrible disaster that struck our community.  Without organizations such as yours, history and its lessons and related stories of suffering and survival are lost to those who might benefit from learning about them.

Tom Ramsey


  April 23, 2000

Many thanks for the important job that you are doing.  I'm sure that my cousins also are appreciative of your work.  By the way, it was through your bulletin board that I was able to make contact with my unknown cousins.  Many thanks for that.

Very truly yours,
John Coleman


  April 19, 2000

It is so exciting to see the wedding picture of my grandparents, Irene McDonald and Charles P. Carroll on your web page!  I look forward to seeing the exhibit at the museum of science and industry.  While visiting Portland, Oregon my brother, Charles P. Carroll, and I were so thrilled to see this picture on the world wide web so many years after their deaths and so many more years after they survived that sad day.  Thank you for your work in preserving this piece of Chicago history.

Carol Gapen


  April 8, 2000

Hello---I cannot quite share my feelings adequately as I read the accounts on your site.  Horror-sadness-eerie fascination.--Thank you for your time and effort.

Lois Durr


  March 10, 2000

This web site is tha bomb!!!  I'm doing a report and found this site to be very helpful!

Robin Sor


  March 9, 2000

Thank you very much for gathering and publishing this information.  My Grandparents were on the Eastland and I found your site very interesting and informative.

Michael Beverley


  Luther Village header header  
  March 3, 2000

Dear Barbara:

Many thanks for the wonderful program you and your family gave on "The Eastland Disaster" in February.  The resident feedback here at Luther Village was very positive.  Both the content and the style of your presentation were of the highest quality.

Please convey our thanks and well wishes to the other members of your family.  Good luck in fostering your crusade to establish the Eastland Disaster as an important part of Chicago history.

Patsy Biddinger
Activities Director


  St. Mark header header  
  March 3, 2000

Dear Barbara and Family,

What a pleasure to meet all of you and have you share with our St. Mark Seniors the tragic story of the Eastland.  Yours was a very interesting and informative presentation on one of the sadder events in Chicago history.

I'm sure that your efforts will keep alive the memories of all those who lost their lives so prematurely.  One wonders what contributions those individuals might have made to our society had they survived.

Thank you again for joining us.

Best wishes,
Roberta Lund
Senior Program Director


  Jennifer Sellers letter  

  Liz Garibay letter  

  DPSAA header  
  February 21, 2000

Mrs. Barbara Wachholz
Vice President and Director
Eastland Disaster Historical Society
P.O. Box 2013
Arlington Heights, IL 60006-2013

Dear Mrs. Wachholz:

On behalf of the Science and Arts Academy, we thank you for coming to our school to present the very interesting, enlightening, and moving story of the sinking of the Eastland.

Your program was exactly right for our upper school study of the Millennium.  In addition to telling us about a very important, but little known tragedy, it provided us with some insight as to how individuals can preserve and keep alive important events of the past.  The students thought so, as well.  We followed up the several presentations we had during the month, asking students' views of the various programs we offered during the month.  They rated your program among the best and most interesting.  They commented that your visuals were especially helpful, as well, and made the event very interesting and relevant.

We hope that your Eastland disaster program continues to receive the increasing exposure and heightened response that it deserves.

Best wishes,
Ronald D. Solberg
Interim Coordinator

DPSAA footer


ISHS sidebar ISHS header  
February 16, 2000

Ted Wachholz
Vice President and Director
Eastland Disaster Historical Society
P.O. Box 2013
Arlington Heights, IL 60006-2013

Dear Ted,

It was wonderful meeting you last Tuesday evening at the Titanic opening.  The staff all agreed that the section on the Eastland was the only part of the whole exhibit that gave the artifacts and story some context.  Your organization should be proud of how the Eastland story is presented.

I have enclosed a brochure on our organization.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.


Harry Klinkhamer
Programs Assistant


  February 18, 1999


I don't think I can find the words to thank you enough for the birthday treats you all gave me.  Wishing me a happy birthday was very nice but then Bob had told you it was my day.  The balloon and the very nice card added to it and made it special, but your home made cake and the candles were so nice that I am at a loss for words to express my appreciation to you.

Your presentation on the Eastland Disaster was done very professionally and I can't tell you how happy you made Bob for adding the part about his Uncle Wm. F. Corbett.  You made his day too by allowing him to say a few words.

I can honestly tell you that he is very happy to have you folks take possesion of his uncle's star when the Museum of Science and Industry program is over in September.  We both agree you do a spectacular job of giving the Eastland Disaster the publicity it deserves.   We have discussed who he would leave the star to and agree completely you will be the one's that will give it the tender loving care it deserves.

Thank you again,
Shirley Dorgan

P.S.  Please share this with Barb, Ted, and Jean.


  January 31, 2000

I found your Eastland information to be fascinating.

Georgiann Fuchs Kostka


  January 24, 2000

I am doing a report at school on the eastland and this site had a lot of uesful information that I have used on the report.  P.S. Cool site.

Josh Freedman


  January 23, 2000

Hi Barb,

This is Eileen Kolin ( Watson).  I gave you my fathers story and his medals and a cup for running for Western Electric.  My daughter and I went to the Rolling Meadows library to hear your program and see the pictures in the case.  My daughter came over and told me that she was in the library and looked at the case and there was a picture of her grandfather.  She told me about your program, so we both went.

I was suprised to see so many people there.  I was inpressed with all the work that you have put into this project.  The program that you presented was very nice and very informative.  Every one seemed to like it a lot. There was a lot of particiaption after the show.  I just wanted to congratulate you and all those who work with you on this.  I am very happy that my Dad is included in your presentation.  I called my sister in Florida and told her all about it, she was so happy that she shed a tear.  I don't know why we cry because we are happy to have imparted our information of my Dad's day to you.

Keep up the good work and if I can ever be of any help to you, I will be glad to do what I can.

Thank you,
Eileen (Watson) Kolin


  January 14, 2000

Hi Ted & Barb,

I am sorry to tell you that my mother, Grace Nilsen, passed away on January 6, 2000.  The living survivors of the Eastland are diminshed by one.  It was a blessing that Kenneth and my mother could see each other in October.  Thank you for making this possible.

Jack & Joyce Nilsen


  January 9, 2000

I am finding so much on the Eastland now, thanks to this page.

Jane Rines


  December 22, 1999

Hello again Ted,

Just wanted to let you know that Donna Keenan (Anton Brychta's g-granddaughter) and I (Joseph Brychta's granddaughter) were finally able to meet last week.

We spent over 2 hours just talking about the families each of us never knew before, exchanging a lot of family information & pictures.  Donna's family say the resemblance between the pictures of my mom as a child and some of her family are absolutely uncanny.  My family has never had any Brychta family pictures except those of my mom.  I now have a copy of a picture of Anton & his wife Christine.

After the holidays, Donna & her mom (my 2nd cousin) will be getting together.  It will be the first time her mom & I will be meeting.  We're trying to figure out a good way for the first cousins (my mom, Apolina Brychta McKay, and Donna's grandma, Anna Brychta Carter) to meet.  They're both very elderly, almost shut-ins and don't do very well leaving their homes in this kind of weather.

Anna had always thought my mom & aunt had perished on the Eastland along with their father, Joseph.  She was very surprised when she found out they were both alive & well.  Apparently when she heard (as a very young child) that 2 little girls in the family also died, she thought they were my mom & aunt, but in reality it was the Turek girls, Alma & Edna that had died.

What a wonderful Christmas gift you have given two families - to discover each other after all these years.

Thank you and may you and your family have a very joyous Christmas.,
Jean Zack


  December 19, 1999  
  Frank Sweeney note  

  December 15, 1999

This was the first site I came to and it is so professional and extremelly well done not to mention very informational.  You help a lot with facts.

Jennifer Thomas


  December 12, 1999

Dear Mr. Wachholz,

Enclosed are two photos of my grandparents, Bernard John and Elizabeth Beverley.  I am so very pleased that their story will be included in the web site, along with their photos.  Most of all I am pleased that the story of the Eastland is finally being told.  

I saw the coverage of the dive for artifacts that was on NBC today, and it is evident that there are many like myself, that feel it is long overdue.  I truly applaud all the individuals that are responsible for putting this all together and bringing it to the attention of the general public.  There are, I am sure, many, many people that have been very surprised that a disaster of such magnitude took place right here in Chicago, and that so little has ever been published about the incident.  Even the Edmund Fitzgerald that sunk in the middle of Lake Michigan has a song written about it, and the loss of life did not come close to that of the Eastland.

My grandparents had seven children, of which only one survives, and she is so very pleased that the story of the Eastland is finally receiving its just place in the history of Chicago.

I wish you and yours a Very Happy Holiday Season.

Virginia Reda


  November 25, 1999


I can not begin to thank you for all you have done.  You have brought together a side of my family that I never knew existed!  I all ways assumed that Anton and Joseph Brychta were the only children.  And going by what my Gram said, God love her she is 92 today, Joseph lost his 2 daughters too.  I didn't ever think to ask her if she had any other Aunts and Uncles on the Brychta side of the family.  THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving me and my family a piece of my family that we didn't know were there!!!  I have talked to my cousin Jean on the phone and so has my mom.  She is a wonderful person and I can't wait for my Gram, Anton's daughter, and Apolina, Jean's mom and Joseph's daughter, to meet and see each other!!  Thank you again for making this a very special Thanksgiving!!!

Donna Keenan


  November 3, 1999

I think this is a wonderful and much needed contribution to Chicago history that you've undertaken.  For that I thank you.

Rob Rodriguez


  November 1, 1999

I commend your efforts towards keeping the memory of the tragedy and those aboard alive.  Keep up the good work, it needs to be done.

Todd Hawes


  November 1, 1999

APPLAUSE!  APPLAUSE!  APPLAUSE!  Excellent.  Please keep the pages coming.  Like to visit here often.  Thanks for your work on this project.

Peter Chapman


  October 2, 1999

Your web site is wonderful.  I am so impressed with your ability to share this informaiton with so many people.  Good luck with all of your upcoming projects.  I am so happy for all of you.  God Bless!

Jean Mau


  September 18, 1999

This is a good website!  (Especially when you need to do a project!)

Rhonda Conlon


  August 31, 1999

Thank you for the research that you have done, for what I perceive will be of great benefit in my accumulating memorabilia about my grandfather.  Truly the youth of today need as much information about the way it was and the heros that seem to be fewer and fewer today.

Dave Sweeney


  August 29, 1999

Thank you for creating and maintaining the web site so the memory of those that perished on that tragic day in the history of Chicago will not be forgotten.

Wayne Suerth


  August 15, 1999

I am very interested in my family history and this website is very beneficial to the family members of passengers that perished on that terrible day.

Larry Bircher


  August 4, 1999

This web site helps kids my age learn about a disaster like the eastland.

Ashley Miller


  July 27, 1999

The Best Web Page I have ever seen!  P.S. Great Job

Mike Colagrossi


  July 26, 1999

I applaud your efforts to record history and make it available to future generations.

Carol Frieders


  July 25, 1999

It is important to remember all of Chicago's history.  This is a wonderful educational site.

Pat P.


  July 25, 1999

I found your exhibit at the Arlington Heights Public Library, 2nd Floor Window Showcase, to be very interesting.  The many personal items and photos of the Eastland, made the disaster that happened so long ago, seem very real.  Good Job to you & your staff.

Gary Kremholz


  May 19, 1999

Very nice site, extrememly informative.  I have searched for some time for information.

Pam Osborn


  May 9, 1999

A truly wonderful and well put together site.  Anyone who studies the Great Lakes shipping history has to appreciate your work.  Thanks!

Norm Barton


  April 18, 1999

Great site!  I had never heard of this disaster.  Very touching.

Nancy Sena


  March 5, 1999

I am Board Member with the Historical Society of Cicero which houses the Western Electric Museum and I am very impressed with the work that has gone into this web page.

Margaret Sweeney


  February 23, 1999

Thanks for all the info it really helped our grade on our research paper for my group the pictures helped a lot too!

Liz Ruiz


  February 18, 1999


I can't thank you enough for the well deserved recognition you have given to my Uncle, Bill Corbett.  He was such a quiet man who would never speak up and tell about things like this that occurred in his life.

My mother, Juanita Corbett Dorgan, would be very happy to see this recognition, too, and from up in heaven she joins me in thanking you.  My mother and her brother Bill were very close.  I can't wait to share this recognition with all of his nieces and nephews.

Once again, Ted, I sincerely thank you.  And I must admit that even though I sent you the information on my uncle, reading it here on your web pages brought goose bumps and a tear out of this proud nephew of William F. Corbett.

Thank you again,
Bob Dorgan


  February 2, 1999

A few minutes ago a patron came in to our branch library looking for information on a ship named the "Eastland" that had capsized around the 1920s.  After locating a periodical article, I searched the Internet and found your site.  We were amazed on the amount of information provided and the patron was very happy to see the pictures.  Needless to say, we had a very satisfied customer and your site helped in a great way.

Thank you for your efforts.
Juan Lee
Associate Librarian
Day-Riverside Branch Salt Lake City, Utah


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