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S. S. Eastland

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BulletTimeline leading up to the disaster
Beginning in 1902 when it was originally ordered, follow the Eastland through its years of service prior to the disaster.

BulletTimeline after the disaster
Scroll through the decades following the disaster when the Eastland is used as a training vessel for the U. S. Navy, ultimately concluding with the Eastland being scrapped in 1947.

BulletA Titanic Comparison
See how the Eastland compared to the Titanic using a variety of different criteria including the dimensions and capacities of each of the two ships, the companies and people associated with each of the two ships, and information pertaining to each of the two disasters.

BulletMichigan Steamship Company
Under construction.

BulletJenks Ship Building Company
Under construction.

BulletLake Shore Navigation Company
Under construction.

BulletSt. Joseph-Chicago Steamship Company
Under construction.

BulletIndiana Transportation Company
Under construction.

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