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Discover Western Electric History  (history pertaining to the company)

    Under construction

Walk Aboard The S. S. Eastland  (history pertaining to the ship)

     Timeline Leading Up To The Disaster
     Timeline After The Disaster  —  The sinking of the German World War I submarine the UC-97
     A Titanic Comparison
     Michigan Steamship Company
     Jenks Ship Building Company
     Lake Shore Navigation Company
     St. Joseph-Chicago Steamship Company
     Indiana Transportation Company

Learn About Saturday, July 24, 1915  (history pertaining to the tragedy and its aftermath)

     What Happened (a summary)
     Location Of The Disaster
     A Timeline Of The Morning Of July 24, 1915
     Officers And Members Of The Crew
     The Passengers
     Those Who Just Missed Being Passengers
     Those Who Were At Or Arrived On The Scene
     Personal Accounts
          Personal Accounts (last names A-I)
          Personal Accounts (last names J-R)
          Personal Accounts (last names S-Z)
     The Hours And Days That Followed
          Rescue And Relief
               American Red Cross
               Businesses, Stores And Warehouses
               Charitable Organizations
               City Of Chicago  —  Department Of Health | Fire Department | Fire Insurance Patrol | Police Department | Public Welfare Department
               Cook County  —  Bureau Of Public Welfare | Coroner's Office
               Ecclesial And Religious
               Funeral Homes And Professionals
               Heroes And Those Who Assisted
               Medical Professionals
               Others With A Connection
               Reid, Murdoch & Company
               United States Cocast Guard  —  Life Saving Service
               Western Electric
               Righting Of The Eastland
          Investigation And Legal Proceedings
               Coroner's Inquiry
               Criminal Trial
               Civil Trial
     List Of Possible/Probable Causes

View The Artifacts  (personal, ship, and tragedy-related items, photos and documents)

     Newspaper Articles
     Items Related To The Eastland
     Personal Items

Where To Go When Tragedy Strikes  (how your Christian faith can help you deal with a tragedy)

     Under construction

Information Resource Center  (events and information pertaining to the Eastland Disaster Historical Society)

     Public And Private Presentations
     Virtual Museum
     Newsletters, Press Releases, Announcements
     Students' Projects
     Special Events
     Guest Testimonials
     Related Links
     About Us
     Reference Materials
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