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The Passengers (T)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Tabumar, Louis        
Tadt, Edna        
Taube, Herbert 24 Single    
Techajar, Albert 20 Single    
Teichmiller, Clara103 18 Single Clerk  
Teiderman, Lydia        
Tejcels, B.        
Tempinska, Anna 20 Single Winding coils  
Terinda, Frank34        
Tetsche, Walter        
Teycek, B.        
Theede, George 16 Single Apprentice  
Theil, Roy Cyrus110, 124   Married Assistant Foreman  
Theil, Louise R. (Mrs. Roy Cyrus) 28 Married    
Theis, Klara 22 Single   Sister of Agnieszka Theis
Theis, Agnieszka 17 Single   Sister of Klara Theis
Thielen, Anthony P.295        
Thist, C.        
Thomas, John297   Engaged   Brother of Rose Thomas and fiancé of Gabrielle Schlentz
Thomas, Rose 21 Single Inspector Sister of John Thomas297
Thommen, Caroline 20 Single Millinery shop110 Cousin of Christina and Emma Thommen110
Thommen, Christina110   Single   Sister of Emma Thommen
Thommen, Emma 16 Single   Sister of Christina Thommen110
Thompson, Jr., Hugh317 17 Single   Brother of Louise M. Thompson
Thompson, Louise M.317 19 Single Cashier110 Sister of Hugh Thompson, Jr.
Thoresen, Leif Edward320 18 Single Clerk  
Thyer, Henry H. 36 Married Clerk  
Thyer, Mrs. Henry14        
Thyer, Helen M. 9     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Thyer
Thyer, Harry G.295 7     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Thyer
Thyer, William14       Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Thyer
Tiedman, Henry        
Tiedemann, Emily (Mrs. Henry) 42 Married    
Tiedemann, Arthur 17 Single   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tiedemann
Till, Frieda31 18      
Tismer, Elizabeth 24 Single Examiner Sister of Ernest, Herbert, and Minnie Tismer
Tismer, Ernest 18 Single   Brother of Elizabeth, Herbert, and Minnie Tismer
Tismer, Herbert 14     Brother of Elizabeth, Ernest, and Minnie Tismer
Tismer, Minnie 16 Single   Sister of Elizabeth, Ernest, and Herbert Tismer
Toboski, Frances        
Toellet, Herman 23 Single Electrician  
Toman, Bessie 17 Single Operator  
Tomtlewicz (Tontlewicz), Mae (May)        
Tonnesen, George Livingston 24 Single Clerk  
Tooish, John        
Torinaveno, Rina        
Tornabene, Gina174 11 Single    
Townsley, F. P.        
Tranckitella, Frank     Musician on the Eastland  
Traub, Frank J.        
Traznik, Ella 20 Single    
Trh, Bertha 24 Single    
Trlic, Leroy        
Trogg, Charles W. 46 Married Assembler  
Trogg, Katherine (Mrs. Charles W.) 31 Married   Sister of Tony Serawski110
Tseuko, Michael 42 Married Laborer  
Tuomey, Mrs.        
Turbov, Jennie49 19 Single    
Turek, Albert 31 Single Bench hand Saved several lives110
Turek, John E. 34 Married Machinist Husband of the sister-in-law of Joseph A. Brychta39
Turek, Alma39 10     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Turek
Turek, Edna 8     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Turek
Tyle, Charles        

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