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The Passengers (R)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Rabe, Fred Martin38   Married    
Rabe, Delia (Mrs. Fred Martin)38   Married    
Rabe, Grace38 8     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rabe
Rabe, Kenneth J.38 4     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rabe
Rackow (Rakow), Elizabeth 8     Granddaughter of Augusta Wieser (Wiese), niece of Daniel and Minnie Quinn119
Raddick, Don        
Radoll, Louise M. 25   Covering wire Sister of Radoll and Mary Vavra110
Radoll110       Brother of Louise M. Radoll and Mary Vavra
Rakowski, Wladyslaw (Frank) 46 Married Janitor  
Randall, William        
Rands, Jessie        
Ransen, Mr.        
Rechass, Bus        
Rechess, Bertha110       Sister of Nellie Rechess
Rechess, Nellie110       Sister of Bertha Rechess
Redlich, Adolph 18 Single Clerk  
Reed, Fred M.328 38     Accompanied by Raymond A. Graf
Rehak, Blanche 20   Stenographer  
Rehor, Frank330 20 Single Clerk  
Reilly, Thomas        
Reilly, William        
Reinhardt, Elsie 18 Single    
Reis, Sophia 20 Single    
Reisner, Clara Anna64 19     Sister of Emma Pauline Reisner
Reisner, Emma Pauline64 17     Sister of Clara Anna Reisner
Reitinger, Anna 15 Single Clerk  
Rempet, Erna O.66 19 Single    
Remy, Arthur        
Remy, Ella 27 Single   Sister of Florence Remy
Remy, Florence 19 Single Clerk Sister of Ella Remy
Remy, Herman        
Repa, Anna        
Reschke, Julius Ferdinand70 60 Married   Father of Ewald Reschke
Reutschler, J. P.        
Reutschler, Mrs. J. P.        
Reyabek, Rose        
Richten, George P. 29 Single    
Richter, Hattie        
Riedl, Marie340 21 Single   Sister of Ruzena Riedl
Riedl, Ruzena340 19 Single   Sister of Marie Riedl
Riker, Robert Jerome Tarlton127 13      
Rimnac, Anna110       Sister of Frank Rimnac and Ladislaw (Lang) Rimnac (Rinnar)
Rimnac, Frank110   Married   Brother of Anna Rimnac and Ladislaw (Lang) Rimnac (Rinnar)
Rimnac, Mrs. Frank110   Married   Sister of Sister-in-law Rimnac
Rimnac, Sister-in-law110       Sister of Mrs. Frank Rimnac
Rimnac (Rinnar), Ladislaw (Lang) 22 Single Plugs Brother of Anna and Frank Rimnac110
Riser, S. W.        
Ristow, William F. 30 Married Switchboard department110 Brother of Herman A. Ristow, Jr.
Ristow, Herman A., Jr. 25 Single Switchboard department110 Brother of William F. Ristow; accompanied Ida Jutci313
Roach, W. J.        
Robel, Morris W. 20 Single Foreman  
Robinson, Thomas 22 Single Machinist  
Roche, William David 25 Single    
Roglin, Mary E. 20 Single Stenographer  
Rogoff, Samuel190   Married    
Rogoff, Ann (Mrs. Samuel)190   Married    
Rohn, Clara 19 Single   Sister of Lydia Rohn
Rohn, Lydia 16 Single   Sister of Clara Rohn
Rohse, Lillian 21   Bench hand Sister of Ella A. W. Rohse
Rohse, Ella A. W. 19 Single   Sister of Lillian Rohse
Rolewicz, Andrew150   Married    
Rolewicz, Josephine (Mrs. Andrew)150   Married    
Rolewicz, Anna150   Single   Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rolewicz
Rolewicz, Walter150   Single   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rolewicz
Roller, L. H.        
Roller, Mrs. L. H.        
Ronosky, Joseph        
Rose, Violet        
Roseland, Karl107   Single   Brother of Lena Roseland
Roseland, Lena107   Single   Sister of Karl Roseland
Rosen, George        
Rosenbaum, Millie        
Rosenbaum, William        
Roser, George W.9   Married    
Roser, Minnie Engelbrecht (Mrs. George W.) 44 Married   Mother of Myrthel (Mrs. Oren) Barkley9
Roser, Philip110       Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Roser
Rosewade, K.        
Rossow, Ralph A. 19 Single    
Rossow, William A. 38 Married Foreman  
Rossow, Mamie (Mrs. William A.) 36 Married    
Rossow, Ruth 14     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rossow
Rossow, William A., Jr. 6     Son of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rossow
Roth, Bessie        
Roth, Ella 19 Single   Friend of Ellen (Nell) Ryan318
Rouse, Hattie        
Roux (Ronx), Bulnor (Balmor)        
Roux, Lillian        
Roux, William        
Rozycka, Monika 23 Single Candy store110  
Rucinskaite (Roshinski), Juozefa (Josephine) 18 Single    
Rudczka (Rudcki), Bronislawa (Blanche) 20 Single   Engaged to Karol (Charles) Stahlik110
Rude, David W.        
Rudin, Fern Lee Garland (Mrs. Oliver Wendell) 23 Married    
Rudlick, Miss       Sister of Miss Rudlick
Rudlick, Miss       Sister of Miss Rudlick
Rudolph (Kourim), Anna 26 Single Telephone operator  
Rudolphsen, Frieda258        
Rulter, Herbert        
Rupp, Emil        
Rupp, Amos110       Brother of William J. Rupp
Rupp, William J. 25 Single Clerk Brother of Amos Rupp110
Rusch, Elsie 22 Single    
Russo, Joseph        
Ruthven, William        
Rutvki, Bronislawa 20 Single   Engaged to Karol (Charles) Stahlik110
Ryan, Herbert        
Rylands, James Stephen72   Married    
Rylands, Minnie Miller (Mrs. James) 27 Married    
Rylands, John72 3     Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Stephen Rylands
Rylands, William73       Brother of Mr. James Stephen Rylands
Rynarzewski (Rynar), Rozalia 21 Single    

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