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The Passengers (P)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Padrta (Paderta), James342 23 Single Chicago cab driver  
Pagvich, Paul        
Palacz, Frank 29 Single Painter110 Cousin of Frank Grajek110
Palarski, May        
Pansegrau, Ewald A. 19 Single    
Pankowski (Wett), Piotr (Peter) Paul65 40 Married    
Pankowski (Wett), Theodore T.65 16 Single   Son of Piotr (Peter) Paul Pankowski (Wett)
Papousek, Frederick262        
Parminter, Thomas W. 50      
Parminter, Anna 16 Single   Daughter of Thomas W. Parminter
Parminter (Parmenter), W.        
Parucka, Caroline M. 22 Single Inspector  
Paschen, Myrtle253        
Patnoe, Raymond H. 23 Single Day superintendent  
Patrunky, Anna 22 Single   Sister of Martha Patrunky
Patrunky, Martha 20 Single   Sister of Anna Patrunky
Pavletich, Joseph J. 24 Single   Brother of Marion Pavletich
Pavletich, Marion 17 Single   Sister of Joseph J. Pavletich
Pavlik, Mildred337   Single   Later married Robert Boyte
Pawlowski, Martin30 41 Married Gas department  
Payne, James H. 21 Single    
Pearson, Albert        
Pearson, Albert        
Pearson, Mrs. Albert        
Pecha, Albert, Jr. 20 Laborer    
Pecinn, Eva        
Pedersen, Henry54   Married    
Pedersen, Amy (Mrs. Henry)54   Married   Sister of Anna Johnson
Pederson, M. O.        
Peffer, Adolph        
Pelmar, Mary 17 Single    
Peloubet, Mac        
Peloubet       Daughter of Mac Peloubet
Peloubet (Pelubet), William        
Peloubet (Pelubet, Petubet), May       Daughter of William Peloubet (Pelubet)
Pera, E.        
Perich, Thomas 36 Married    
Pero, E.        
Pesch, Anna 21 Single    
Pesek, Martha 20 Single    
Peternell, Joseph 28 Single Inspector Brother of Edward Peternell316
Peters, Will        
Petersen, Anna       Mother of Charles Andrew, Petersen Jr. and Anna Petersen110
Petersen, Charles Andrew, Jr. 11     Son of Mrs. Anna Petersen and brother of Anna Petersen110
Petersen, Anna       Daughter of Mrs. Anna Petersen and sister of Charles Andrew Petersen, Jr.110
Petersen, John J.335 Married    
Petersen, Niels (Nelson) Rasmus 46 Married Foreman  
Petersen (Peterson), Viola Harriet (Mrs. Niels)178   Married   Sister of Jessie Ward
Petersen, Royal 4     Child of Mr. and Mrs. Niels Petersen
Peterson, Elizabeth        
Peterson, Ella        
Peterson, Ellen        
Peterson, James170   Married    
Peterson, Jenny (Mrs. James)170   Married    
Peterson, E. H.61        
Peterson, John61        
Peterson, Martha K. 22 Single Tester  
Peterson, Nellie48       Friend of Mrs. Hannah Woods
Peterson, William M.16     Foreman  
Peterson, Mrs. William M.16        
Peterson, Ruta 8     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Peterson
Petrik, Joseph L. 24 Single    
Petrik, Karel (Charles) L. 16 Single   Step-brother of John Kudrna110
Peush, Eva        
Pevanitz, Anna        
Pfeiffer, J.        
Pfeiffer, Martha 19 Single    
Pfeil, Fred A.        
Picard, Gildia Marie (Mrs. S. J.) 28 Married Machine operator  
Pichas, Amelie 19 Single    
Pierce, Charles F. 46 Married Electrician, foreman  
Pierce, Josephine        
Pierman, Nora J.        
Pierson, Albert 37 Married Steamfitter  
Pilacyk, Joseph        
Pilarski, Jan (Thomas) 23 Single Machinist  
Piner, H. E.        
Pinkall, Edna Will 16 Married    
Pintz, Josephine        
Piotrowski, Walter 31 Married Lineman110  
Pisano, Martino 23 Married Stock keeper Father of Salvatore Pisano
Pittelkow, Helen 21 Single    
Pivko, Mathes (Mike) 40 Married Janitor  
Plachetka, William129 18 Single Clerk  
Placzek (Fillips), Wladislawa (Lottie, Lucy) 21 Single Electrician  
Plamondin, Irene       Mother of Plamondin
Plamondin       Daughter of Irene Plamondin
Plamondon, Edwin K.110   Married Department manager  
Plamondon, Susan Byrne (Mrs. Edwin K.) 42 Married    
Plamondon, Marie110 18     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Plamondon
Plamondon, Irene110 17     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Plamondon
Plamondon, Vera        
Plamondon, W. J.123        
Plocharczyk, Joseph 30 Single    
Plorski, Mary        
Poch, May 19 Single    
Podlewski, John F.181        
Pograzianski, William        
Poleta, Frank J. 25 Married Foreman  
Polick, Mildred        
Policka, Dorothy        
Polivka, Anna52 22 Single   Sister of Josephine and Mae Polivka
Polivka, Josephine52 19 Single   Sister of Anna and Mae Polivka, later married William Engenhart
Polivka, Mae52 24 Single   Sister of Anna and Josephine Polivka
Potea, Peter        
Potter, Bessie 29 Single    
Pozesky, Martha 17 Single    
Prickett, William A.28 32      
Pritchard, E.       Husband of Pritchard
Pritchard       Wife of E. Pritchard
Prochniewski (Pronesky), Helen 15 Single Bookkeeper  
Prochnow, Lillian 18 Single Laundry110 Cousin of Alma Zielske
Prugert, Robert J. 26 Single    
Psynko, Michael 41 Married    
Punicka (Ponicki), Marya (Mamie) 18 Single Sears, Roebuck & Co.110  
Purcelli, Anthony        
Putz, Mary (Mrs. Joseph) 35 Married    

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