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The Passengers (M)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Maciejewski, Angela (Nellie) 17 Single    
Mack, Anna        
Mack, Joseph        
Mager, Miss        
Magers, Harry        
Magnuson, Sigrid (Mrs. Edward) 28 Married    
Magnuson, Irene E. 3     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Magnuson
Magnuson, Robert C. 4     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Magnuson
Magnuson, R. E.        
Mahr, Josephine 19 Single    
Major, W.        
Makaff (Makoff), Herman        
Malecha, Julia C. 19 Single Time clerk  
Maley, George123     Office boy  
Malhirt, Clarence        
Malicka, Julia        
Malik, Mary 21 Single   Sister of Stella Malik
Malik, Stella 17 Single   Sister of Mary Malik
Manago (Munego), Anthony        
Maniak, Anton 19 Single Laborer  
Manikowski, Jan (John)214 61 Married   Father of Johanna Mietlicka (Mietlicki)
Mann, Margaret Anna 17 Single Clerk  
Manthey, Max110   Married    
Manthey, Aliza (Mrs. Max)110   Married   Sister of Adolphina (Mrs. William) Schoenholz
Manthey, Emily Mary276 22 Single   Sister of Ida Smith; fiancée of James C. Justin, Jr.
Mara, Peter        
Mara       Wife of Peter Mara
Maranz, Louis 21 Single    
Marartz, Mamie        
Marchewka, Charles Michael122 17 Single    
Marecks, Mary14   Single    
Mares, Anna        
Mares, James        
Mares, Minnie        
Mares, Otto 20 Single    
Markowski, Josephine 20 Single    
Maronsek, Julian        
Marousek, Julia        
Marshall, Jno        
Marsik, Emma 19 Single Winder  
Martin, Mary (Mrs. Louis) 40 Married    
Martin, Miss110 10 Single   Cousin of Felicia Caro
Martmuch, Florence        
Martmuch, Mr.        
Marton, Paul 37 Married Cabinet maker  
Marton, Paul Jr. 12     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marton
Marvin, Emma 19 Single Accountant  
Marz, Mrs. P.        
Masapust (Masofust), Otto        
Massingham, Henry Rogers68 30 Single    
Mathieson, Isabella C. 23 Single Cable department  
Mathusezek, R.        
Matzesky, James        
May, Anna        
Mayer, Emma 21 Single Machinist's helper  
Mayer, George 29 Married Machinist Son-in-law of Hattie (Mrs. William) Weinesfelder110
Mayer, Muriel 5     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Mayer
Mazurowski, May        
McAlter, Ellen        
McAlter, Veronica        
McAvery, Henry        
McCall, James        
McCann, W.        
McCrory, Betsy (Mrs. Charles) Olsen227   Married   Sister of Agnes Olsen
McCrory, Edna 5     Daughter of Betsy McCrory
McCrory, Mildred 3     Daughter of Betsy McCrory
McDonald, A. T.        
McDonald, Irene51 20 Single   Later married Charles P. Carroll
McDonald, John        
McDonald, Walter        
McEwski, Frank        
McGarry, Margaret        
McGinley, Richard G. 40 Married    
McGlynn, Marie 22 Single Stenographer  
McGovern, Mrs. R.        
McGrath, George        
McIntyre, Katherine14        
McIntyre14       Mother of Katherine McIntyre
McIntyre14       Brother of Katherine McIntyre
McKenna, Mary 19 Single Clerk  
McLaren, Mary 22 Single Clerk  
McMahon, John Joseph 18 Single Electrician  
McNamara, Isabella        
McNamee, Bertha        
McNutt, F.        
Mearns, Belle        
Medrzycki (Mendriski), Stanislaus J. 30 Electrician    
Meial, Jennie        
Meicke, Anna 21 Single Clerk  
Meidl (Neidle), Genevieve        
Meidel, Jennie        
Meinert, Anna56 20      
Mejka, Josie Lipinski (Mrs. Adam)14 23 Married    
Menges, Charles W. 40 Married Electrician  
Menth, Joseph173 55 Married Elevator operator  
Menth, Katherine (Mrs. Joseph)173 53 Married    
Menth, William173 21     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Menth
Merriam, A. C.        
Mertz, Lillian 18 Single    
Mey, Rob        
Meyer, Emma 21 Single    
Meyer, Harold L. 22 Single Machinist  
Meyer, Lawrence        
Meyers, Charles        
Meyers, Clara        
Meyers, Elsie        
Meyers, Mrs. J.        
Micalarski, Agnes        
Micalarski, Anna        
Michalec, George123, 125 17 Single    
Michaelis (Mitchell), Edna 18 Single File clerk Sweetheart of Philip Uren110
Michaels, Mrs. Robert        
Michalska, Stanislawa (Stella) 19 Single Coil winder  
Michalski, Stella        
Michalski, Stephen        
Mielczarski, Hedwig (Edith) 20 Single    
Mietlicka (Mietlicki), Johanna214 35 Married   Daughter of Jan Manikowski
Milcheski, Clara27 19      
Miles, Sophia        
Miller, E. M.        
Miller, Florence        
Miller, Hazel        
Miller, L. W.61     Stationery department  
Miller, Mary        
Miller, T. W.        
Miller, William        
Mills, Margaret        
Milne, David        
Minert, Charles        
Mitchell, Emanuel        
Mizerka, Ignatius Aloysius67       Brother of Steven Mizerka
Mizerka, Steven67       Brother of Ignatius Aloysius Mizerka
Mohn, Inga (Mrs. Finn) 54 Married    
Mohr, Albert110       Brother-in-law of James and Mathew J. Bogna
Moldt, Rose Frances 17 Single Insulating lamps  
Moll, Edith        
Montgomery, Eva Elizabeth 26 Single    
Mootz, Joseph 20 Single    
Moran, Catherine 22 Single Clerk Sister of Nellie Moran
Moran, Nellie 18 Single Messenger Sister of Catherine Moran
More, Mr.        
Moreau, Edward 20 Single Electric wireman  
Moretz, Nina        
Morey (Moray), John        
Morgan, Jack14     Machine shop  
Morgan, Margaret N. 18 Single File clerk  
Moritz, Marion        
Morizmeier, Edward 17 Single Messenger boy  
Morton, Michael        
Mosna, Katerina (Mrs. Jan) 50 Married    
Mosna, Bohumil 17 Single   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jan Mosna
Mosna, Rose 21 Single   Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jan Mosna
Mott, Frank        
Mott, Mary        
Moynihan, Catherine 31 Single   Sister of Hanora Moynihan
Moynihan, Hanora 25 Single   Sister of Catherine Moynihan
Mraz, Bertha        
Mueller, Mrs. Peter        
Mueller, William R. 32 Married Clerk  
Muense, Rose 17 Single    
Mulac, Julia 24 Single   Sister of Lillian Mulac
Mulac, Lillian 21 Single Clerk Sister of Julia Mulac
Muller, Mrs. W. R.        
Murawski, John 24 Single Assistant foreman Sweetheart of Marie Ceciorski110
Murphy, Agnes        
Murphy, Bernard        
Murphy, David M. 25 Married Electrician  
Murphy, Mary (Mrs. David M.) 22 Married Cable department  
Mutton, Lillie        
Muzsilkos, Louis        
Myers, Hazel206 7 Single   Niece of Bertha Wintermute
Myers, R.        
Myszkowska, Anna 17 Single    

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