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The Passengers (L)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

LaBow, David290 25 Married    
LaBow, Mae (Chaloupka)(Mrs. David)290 19 Married   Sister of Minnie Chaloupka
LaCorzia, Joseph 28 Married    
Laline, Casper (Jasper), Jr. 25 Single Scrap department  
Laline, Anna        
Lalue, C. C.       Husband of Mrs. C. C. Lalue
Lalue, Mrs. C. C.       Wife of C. C. Lalue
Landsiedel, Mary (Mrs. George) 32 Married    
Landsiedel, Naomi 6     Daughter of Mary Landsiedel
Landry, G. A.        
Landsibek, Walter W.        
Lane, Ada264 20 Single   Sister of Irene Lane
Lane, Irene264 19 Single   Sister of Ada Lane
Lange, Ladislaus (Walter) 19 Single    
Lank, Helen        
Lannon, Joe123        
Larslowski (Lorek), Anna 16 Single   Sister of Frances Larslowski (Lorek)
Larson, John Lambert 23 Single    
Latkovic, Mary279 16 Single    
Latowski (Summitt), Agnes13 22 Single   Sister of Nellie and Walter Latowski
Latowski (Summitt), Nellie13 26 Single   Sister of Agnes and Walter Latowski
Latowski (Summitt), Walter13 24 Single   Brother of Agnes and Nellie Latowski
Lauer, Raymond        
Laurinaciute (Laurainitis), Petronele (Hattie) 17 Single    
LaValle, Margaret (Mrs. O. E.) 31 Married    
LaVallie, O. S. (E.)        
Lawson, Theodore57 29 Single Merchandise inspector Fiancé of Mary Klemp
Lazzara, Rose (Mrs. George) 25 Married   Sister of Mrs. Rose Caro110
Lebic, Ray        
Lee, Charles        
Leff, Mrs. B.        
Leff, Frank 37 Married    
Leff, Mrs.        
Leff, Edward 9     Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Leff
Leff, Frank, Jr. 12     Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Leff
Lemke, Elizabeth 23 Single   Sister of Emily and Wilhelmine Lemke
Lemke, Emily 18 Single   Sister of Elizabeth and Wilhelmine Lemke
Lemke, Wilhelmine 21 Single   Sister of Elizabeth and Emily Wilhelmine
Lena, Anna        
Leonarczyk, Ignatius 19 Single    
Leonard, John        
Lepine, Joseph 37 Single Clerk  
LeRoy, Edgar 29 Single Machinist  
Lessuenhop, William61        
Letaurne, Mamie        
LeTourneau, Mary        
Leu, Edward 21 Single    
Lewandowska, Walewja (Violet) 18 Single Machine hand  
Lewitzki (Lewicki), Leo 34 Married    
Lewitzki (Lewicki), Ottilia (Ophelia; Mrs. Leo) 30 Married    
Lewitzki (Lewicki), Jan (John) 4     Son of Mr. & Mrs. Leo Lewitzki
Liening (Rivy), Elisabeth 20 Single Laboress  
Lillifjaere, Olaf211       Relative of Anna Torland
Lillyman       Husband of Mrs. Lillyman
Lillyman, Mrs.       Wife of Mr. Lillyman
Lindseth, Theresa Ragnhild338 27 Single Secretary or clerk  
Linhart, Marie23 22 Single    
Lip, Charles        
Liska, A        
Literman, Ella        
Locke, Adolph M. 19 Single Electrician  
Lockey, John W. 22 Single Switchboard mechanic  
Loftgren, Esther 19 Single Clerk  
Logan, C. C.        
Lohr, Frances 32 Single Cable wire worker  
Longfellow, F. B.        
Lowry, H. H.        
Luanord, Luena        
Lucht, Emma        
Lucke, C. C.        
Luct, Mr.        
Luct       Family of Luct, Mr.
Luessenhaf, A. L.        
Luessenhaf, W.        
Lukens, Barbara (Mrs. William T., Jr.) 32 Married    
Lund, Marian        
Lungerschausen, Lillian 22 Single Machine operator  
Lusk, Anna        
Lynch, John E. 23 Single Switchboard inspector  
Lyon, Mr.        
Lyon, Mrs.        
Lyon       Four children of Mr. & Mrs. Lyon
Lyons, John J. 37 Married Foreman  
Lyons, Katherine (Kate) (Mrs. John J.)155   Married   Sister of Charles O'Neill
Lyons, Thomas 3     Son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lyons
Lyons, Mary155       Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lyons
Lyons, Winifred155       Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lyons

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