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The Passengers (J)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Jackson, Charles R.240       Father of Florence Crowley
Jackson, Mrs. Charles R.240        
Jackson, Mary E. (aka, Bethel Cox)332 24 Single Clerk  
Jacobs, B. A.        
Jacobs, Esther        
Jacobs, Ethel        
Jacobsen, Oscar I. 27 Married Inspector  
Jagoda, Stanislaus 18 Single    
Jahnke, Paul63 30 Married Electrician  
Jahnke, Louise (Mrs. Paul)63 29 Married    
Jakl, Josef118        
Jakl, Mary118   Single Hart, Shaffner, & Marx Fiancée of Josef Jilek
Jakubowski (Jackson), Ignatz 16 Single Laborer  
James, George        
James, Robert        
Jannisch, Anna F. (Mrs. Fred) 20 Married    
Janolin, Annetta        
Jarek, Sophie220 15 Single    
Jarzembowska, Antoinette 19 Single    
Jaszka (Joschko), Emilia 18 Single Punchpresser  
Jaworski, Martha 21 Single   Sister of Julia Jaworski
Jaworski, Julia 16 Single   Sister of Martha Jaworski
Jedinah, Stella        
Jelen, Wladuslawa (Lottie) 18 Single    
Jelinek, Blanka324 18 Single   Sister of Anna Zobac213
Jena, Mrs. K123        
Jena, Anna123       Daughter of Mrs. K. Jena
Jennen, Elsie        
Jennen, Emma        
Jesky, Nicholas        
Jeworski, Herbert       And two children
Jicha, Mae        
Jick, Frank        
Jick, Mary        
Jilek, Josef 24 Single Hart, Shaffner, & Marx Fiancé of Mary Jakl118
Jiricek, Frank165   Single   Brother of Mary Jiricek
Jiricek, Mary165   Single   Sister of Frank Jiricek
Johnson, Anna54   Single Floor lady Sister of Amy (Mrs. Henry) Pedersen
Johnson, Edward 19 Single Machine shop  
Johnson, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. N.) 27 Married    
Johnson, Elna V. 21 Single   Sister of Eva Johnson
Johnson, Eva 19 Single   Sister of Elna V. Johnson
Johnson, Evelyn Elizabeth        
Johnson, Gustaf Ander 36 Married Pattern maker  
Johnson, Harry B. 23 Single    
Johnson, J. C.        
Johnson, Louis H. 42 Married    
Johnson, Ida K. (Mrs. Louis) 33      
Johnson, Esther Randine 3     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Johnson
Johnson, Nels Peter 60 Married Blacksmith  
Johnson, Thomas 53 Married Cabinet maker  
Johnson, William        
Johnston, Eva        
Jonas (Jones), Joseph 26 Single Cabinet maker  
Jost, George W.94 17 Single Clerk  
Joyce, William       Husband of Joyce
Joyce       Wife of William Joyce
Judge, Emily        
Judge, Martin R. 27 Married Clerk  
Judge, Nellie        
Juinlin, E.        
Jungwirth, Lillie 17 Single Bookkeeper Sister of Mamie Jungwirth
Jungwirth, Mamie 16 Single   Sister of Lillie Jungwirth
Juranek, Jenny26 . . . Sister-in-law of Otto Muchna
Juriceka, May        
Justin, James C., Jr.276 20 Single Inspector Fiancé of E. Mary Manthey
Jutci, Ida313   Single   Accompanied Herman A. Ristow, Jr.

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