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The Passengers (G)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Gabriel, Marie 18 Single    
Gabriel, T. J.        
Galamba, Frank        
Galamba (Galandas), Louis        
Gandtz, Joseph        
Garner, Edward Henry143 38 Married Draftsman Husband of Friederika Suess Garner
Gatens, Edward J. 24 Single    
Gaul, Ben244        
Gawarska, Laura        
Gawarska, Sophia        
Gbieler, William        
Geberbauer, Edwin 19 Single    
Gee, D. W.        
Gehrke, C.        
Gembora (Gambara), Anna14        
Genda (Gonda), Emma (Emily) 35 Married    
Geradt, Irene        
Gerding, C. H.        
Gerharz, Violet216 19 Single   Niece of Gertrude Fries
Gertz, Anna        
Geshner, John Lionel53,310 19 Single Electrical mechanic  
Gibson, A. E.        
Gibson, H. E.        
Gibson, N. C.        
Gibson, W. E.        
Gibson, Mabel F. (Mrs. N. E.) 25 Married    
Gilchrist, William        
Gilgenbach, George142        
Gin, James        
"Ginger"326     Copyboy for the Evening American  
Ginsberg, Phillip L. 25 Single Purchasing department  
Given, J. B.        
Glinka, Anna        
Goeppner, Anna        
Golden, Frances        
Golden       Mother of Frances Golden
Golnik, Anna        
Goodere, H. C.        
Goodere, H. D.        
Gordon, Frank        
Gorey (Gory), Ellen        
Gorney, Clara 19 Single Inspector  
Gornuson, C. J.        
Gourley, William        
Goyette, George A.14     Foreman  
Goyette, Lyle14 20     Son of George A. Goyette
Goyette, Frank14 18     Son of George A. Goyette
Goyette, Charles A. 16 Single Office boy Son of George A. Goyette
Gradert, Ellen Marie Sophia 31 Single    
Graf, Raymond A. 16 Single   Accompanied by Fred M. Reed328
Graham, J. C.        
Grajek, Frank 19 Single   Cousin of Frank Palacz110
Grandt, Matilda 35 Married Overlooker  
Granfur       Brother of Granfur
Granfur       Brother of Granfur
Greco, Leonardo 36 Married Laborer  
Green, Arnold Martin 51 Married Cabinet maker  
Green, G.        
Green, J. J.        
Grien, A. W.        
Grien (Grizean), Arthur        
Griffen, H. C.        
Griffin, Emily        
Griffin, George        
Grimms, Edward 23 Single Machine hand  
Grochowska, Katarzyna 17 Single    
Groehol, Aug        
Grommes, Edward        
Gross, Frank        
Gross, Henry        
Grossman, Emma 20 Single Polisher  
Gruean, Arthur        
Grun, J. H.        
Grzezkowiak, Helen 19 Single    
Guenther, William 23 Single    
Gunderson, Mabel170       Sister of Jenny Peterson
Gurley, William110        
Guzian, Stella        

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