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The Passengers (F)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Fanret (Kesel), Mary14 19 Single    
Farnara, Robert 21 Single    
Farrell, Amelia 19 Single    
Feehan, William Alexander 39 Single Assembler  
Feith, J.        
Fenik, James 34   Glazer  
Fenik, Mary (Mrs. James) 29      
Fenik, Helen 4     Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Fenik
Fenik, William 7     Son of Mr. & Mrs. James Fenik
Ferudig, Carrie        
Fick, Margaret (Marguerite) 19 Single Assembler  
Filipowski (Fillips), Stanley301 26 Married Assembler  
Fink, Alma F. 29 Single Shop hand  
Fischer, Otto 17 Single Repair man  
Fischer, William        
Fitzgerald, Nellie (Mrs. John F.) 27 Married    
Fitzgerald, Dorothy 3     Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, William Joseph225 46 Married Laborer  
Fitzgerald, Anna (Mrs. William Joseph)225 46 Married    
Fitzgerald, Edward225 5     Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Fitzgerald, brother of William Walter Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, James225 9     Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Fitzgerald, brother of William Walter Fitzgerald
Flager, L.        
Fleiger, Joseph        
Fleischer, Caroline 50 Widow   Mother of Theresa (Mrs. Edward) Warren110
Fleming, Henry 17 Single    
Flicek, Emil 19 Single Laborer  
Flindall, Helen        
Flosso, Callat        
Flyer, W. H.        
Flyer       Son of W. H. Flyer
Flynn, Walter H.34   Married    
Flynn, Mrs. Walter H.34   Married    
Fontlervcez, M.        
Fornera, Robert319 21 Single    
Forst, Anna 18 Single Factory work  
Forst, Anna Soukup 17 Married    
Forst (Stirek), Emelia (Emily) 23 Single    
Fortner, George        
Foster, Anna        
Foster, Harry L.333 25 Married Telephone assembler  
Foster, Rachel (Mrs. Harry L.)333 25 Married   Invited her sister and brother-in-law, Bessie and Bill Kolas
Fostle, Chester G. 18 Single    
Frackowiak (France[l]), Marya C. (Mrs. Albert J.) 21      
Frahm, Robert123        
Franzen, A        
Franzen, H.        
Franzen, Anna (Mrs. Robert) 45      
Franzen, Arthur F. 19 Single   Son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Franzen
Franzen, Lillian 22 Single   Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Franzen
Freilich (Frejlach), Jan (John)   Married    
Freilich (Frejlach), Hattie (Yadwiga; Mrs. Jan (John)) 25 Married   Sister of Josefa Zimma34
Freidman, Carl 24 Single Electrician  
Friend, William        
Frier, Mary        
Fries, Gertrude216 44     Aunt of Violet Gerharz
Frisina, Peter        
Frisina, Peter       Brother of Phillippi (Philip) Frisina
Frisina, Philippi (Philip) 21 Single   Brother of Peter Frisina
Frisina, Anna (Mrs. Peter) 17 Married    
Fritsche, Walter        
Frydrych (Frederick), Alice 17 Single   Sister of Anna Frydrych
Frydrych (Frederick), Anna13       Sister of Alice Frydrych
Fuchs, Catherine 28 Single Assembler  
Fuchs, Philip        
Fuka, Frank S. 19 Single Assembler  
Fuller, Charles100   Married   Husband of Verna Louise Fuller

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