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The Passengers (E)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Earley, Mary        
Eberlein, Genevieve M. Ball33        
Egan, Mary Helen 15      
Egarko, Edward        
Ehrhardt, Frederic J.263 31 Married Foreman Brother of Henry J. Ehrhardt
Ehrhardt, Clara C. Jensen (Mrs. Fred)263 32 Married    
Ehrhardt, Raymond Leroy263 10 Single   Son of Frederic J. and Clara C. Jensen Ehrhardt
Ehrhardt, Ione263 6 Single   Daughter of Frederic J. and Clara C. Jensen Ehrhardt
Ehrhardt, Henry J.263       Brother of Frederic J. Ehrhardt
Eichholz, Anna (Mrs. Fred)10        
Eichholz, Fred10        
Eichholz, Marion10 4     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eichholz
Eisman, L.        
Elecks (Illick), Nicholas 45 Single    
Elendt, Walter 20 Single Assembler  
Elin, Jack        
Ellis, Margaret        
Ellis, William        
Engels, Lena 23 Single    
Engelthaler, Mildred110,347   Single   Step-sister of Emma Schroll and Anna and Paulina Straka
Engenhart, Harry 20 Single Assembler Brother of William Engenhart
Engenhart, William52,235 20 Single Electrician Brother of Harry Engenhart, later married Josephine Polivka
Ennis, J. E.        
Erickson, Jenny 24 Single Stenographer  
Erlandson, Carrie 22 Single Switchboard tester  
Etter, Alma 21 Single    
Etzkorn, Angela (Mrs. Louis) 46 Married    
Evenhouse, Jennie 26 Single   Sister of Anna B. and Harry Evenhouse
Evenhouse, Anna B. 23 Single   Sister of Jennie and Harry Evenhouse
Evenhouse, Harry151 21 Single Engineer Brother of Jennie and Anna B. Evenhouse

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