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The Passengers (D)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Daly, John J. 24 Married Clerk  
Daly, Agnes Forlop (Mrs. John J.) 26 Married Hand  
Danda, Frances        
Danda, Theresa 19 Single   Sister of Edward Danda; fiancée of George W. Dobek110
Danda, Edward 11 Single   Brother of Theresa Danda
Danek, Frantisek (Frank) 32 Married Coil winder  
Dankers, Frederick Jr. 24 Single Cable maker  
Dankers, Rose        
Darin, Carl        
Darin, Margaret        
Darka, Martha Adamkiewicz 24 Married   Sister of Marya Adamkiewicz
Dasso, Agnes        
Davis, John        
Davis, Lillian Schultz 20 Married    
Dawson, Earl Harvey 18 Single Press feeder  
Deamble, Carrie        
Debnar, John 40 Married Machinist  
Deict, Grace        
Deike, Harry154 16 Single    
DeLestoriez (DeLeslonicz), Freda (Frieda)        
Demarski, Stanley        
Dempsey, Morris275       Friend of Harry Kleinfelder
DePierro, Frank        
DeRoche, John        
Dervis, J.        
Dester, Howard John 28 Married Draftsman  
DeTamble, John Warhus110, 111   Married    
DeTamble, Caroline Mary (Mrs. John W.) 26 Married    
Dewar, Helen        
Dheher, Charles        
Dhlinger, C. G.        
Dietz, J. W.        
Dillon, Nan        
Dillon, Nora        
Dixon, William        
Dobberman, Frank A. 33 Married Switchboard engineer  
Dobek, George W. 19 Single   Fiancé of Theresa Danda110
Doedar, Mamie        
Dolan, Frank        
Dolejs, Anna 20 Single Factoryhand110 Sister of Marie and Rose Dolejs; fiancée of Frank Michaels
Dolejs, Marie 17 Single Telephone operator110 Sister of Anna and Rose Dolejs
Dolejs, Rose 19 Single Inspector110 Sister of Anna and Marie Dolejs
Dolejs, Joseph 18 Single Bookkeeper  
Dolezal, Alice        
Dolezal, Frank, Sr.11        
Dolezal, Josephine (Mrs. Frank) 27 Married    
Dolezal, Lillie 9 months     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dolezal, Sr.
Dolezal, Frank, Jr.11 3     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dolezal, Sr.
Dolezal, Mary 4     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dolezal, Sr.
Dolezal, Regina 20     Sister of Josephine Sindelar
Dolgner, Paul H. 24 Married    
Doll, Robert 21 Single   Brother of Charles Doll
Doll, Charles 17     Brother of Robert Doll
Dollze, Frank        
Dombkowski (Danskowski), Stanley 30 Single Painter  
Domeiashi, Stanley        
Donajska (Doneske), Eleanore 17 Single    
Doran, Ralph313       Accompanied Arthur Hoover
Dorchester, A. W.        
Dosch, M.        
Drnka, Mrs.11       Mother of Mrs. Frank Dolezal, Sr.
Drury, Florence T. 17 Single    
Dubek, Vincent11   Married    
Dubek, Catherine (Mrs. Vincent) 38 Married    
Dubek, Catherine 16     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dubek
Dubek, Joseph 11     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dubek
Dubek, John11, 110 9     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dubek
Dudek, John 33      
Dudek, Mary Krzyzaniak (Mrs. John) 27      
Duggan, Charles James 30 Single Inspector  
Dulean, Victoria 21 Single    
Dunn, Alice        
Dunn, Rose        
Dunne, Rose 25 Married    
Dupke, Alexander 21 Single Assembler  
Dvorak, Bessie261 21 Single    
DzionDziak, Marya (Minnie) 19 Single Shop hand  

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