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The Passengers (C)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Cada, Frank        
Cahill, George        
Cajthaml (Cythamel), Josephine 18 Single    
Caliendo, Frank89 25 Married    
Callaway, Martha        
Camt, William        
Canning, John        
Capocy, John90        
Capra, Andrew 24 Single    
Carney, Nellie14 20 Single    
Caro, Jacomo (Jack Caros) 32 Married Laborer  
Caro, Rose (Mrs. Jacomo)   Married   Sister of Mrs. Rose Lazzara110
Caro, Felicia 5     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacomo Caro; cousin of Miss Martin
Carroll, Charles P.51 32 Single   Later married Irene McDonald
Carroll, Thomas Joseph, Jr. 20 Single    
Catlin, A. A.        
Cau, C. C.        
Cawnt, William H.34   Married    
Ceciorski, Marie 24 Single   Sweetheart of John Murawski110
Cedar, Marie        
Ceirny, Frank        
Cepak, Bessie110 19 Single   Cousin of Bessie (Mrs. Paul) Bannach110
Ceranek, Mary 17 Single    
Cerney, Frank 16 Single Office clerk  
Cervenka, Joseph        
Chakinis, Thomas106 21 Single Factory worker  
Chaloupka, Minnie290 17 Single   Sister of Mrs. Mae (Chaloupka) LaBow
Chamberlain, Michael Gallagher 28 Married Elevator operator  
Chartoir (Charter), Katherine 22 Single    
Chellburg, Emily16       Sister-in-law of Mrs. William M. Peterson
Chittuse, Pauline 18 Single    
Chmela, Jenny168 20      
Choistana, Mary        
Cholke (Holke), George 19 Single Machinist  
Christiany, Mary Louise80 25 Single    
Christensen, Anna        
Christensen, Fred, Jr.     steamfitter  
Christiansen, Frieda 20 Single    
Cifrik, Josephine 20 Single Assembler  
Cihak, Vaslav (James) 34 Married    
Clark, William 20 Married    
Clark, Alice B. (Mrs. William) 19 Married    
Clark, Alice 9 months     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Clark
Clarke, Robert L. 33 Married Assembler  
Clarke, Marie Eleanor Anderson (Mrs. Robert L.) 28 Married    
Clarke, Eleanor 2     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clarke
Clarke, J. W.        
Clausen, Anna Kerstina (Mrs. Claus) 31 Married    
Clausen, Ella Kerstina 7     Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Claus Clausen
Cmucha, Rose Rutz (Mrs. Joseph Smith) 27 Married    
Cobb, H. L.        
Colad, T.        
Columbik, Frank110   Married Foreman  
Columbik, Celia (Mrs. Frank) 24 Married    
Comerford, Anna 18 Single    
Cominskey, Frank        
Comiskey, Bertha        
Conrad, Joseph        
Cooley, Mary        
Cooney, Matthew110   Married    
Cooney, Margaret Belle Quaine (Mrs. Matthew) 34 Married   Sister of Anna and Elizabeth Quaine
Cooney, Thomas F. 1     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cooney
Cox, G. M.        
Cox, Bethel (aka, Mary E. Jackson)14, 332 24 Single Clerk Sister of Mildred S. Cox
Cox, Mildred S. 13 Single   Sister of Bethel Cox
Creen, J. H.        
Cross, A. G.        
Cross, Bert12        
Cross, Edna        
Cross, Joseph        
Crowley, Florence240       Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jackson
Crowley, Doris240 6 months     Daughter of Florence Crowley
Cullen, Rose Veronica 21 Single Stenographer  
Cullom, Phillip        
Cunuchi, Joseph        
Cuppanth, Pasquale        
Curito, James        
Curtin, Ruth 22 Single Office worker  

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