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The Passengers (B)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Baalack, H. R.        
Bachner, W. F.        
Badalewska, Frances 20 Single Coding  
Bade, Jennie        
Baia, Harry 16 Single110 Chauffeur110  
Baldwin, Blanche        
Baldwin, Husband of Blance        
Balnor, Roux        
Bambasova, Emilie 20 Single    
Bannach, Paul 20 Married    
Bannach, Bessie Karvasek (Mrs. Paul) 19 Married   Cousin of Bessie Cepak110
Barkley, Myrthel (Mrs. Oren)9   Married   Daughter of Minnie Roser
Barkley, Oren9   Married   Son-in-law of Minnie Roser
Bartlett, Edward S. 55 Married    
Bash, Helen        
Batek (Bates), Agnes (Alice)192        
Batruel, Anna 21 Single    
Bauer, Edmund85        
Becker, Benjamin 20 Single Automobile factory110  
Becker, Margreth 18 Single Cable department  
Beckman, Martha        
Bedore, Roy P.237        
Beel, Jethro Richard, Jr. 27 Married Salesman110  
Beel, Marguerite (Mrs. Jethro Richard, Jr.)110   Married    
Befder (Mrs. H.)        
Begitschke, Edna110        
Begitschke, Florence 18 Single Inspector  
Behm, Arthur266 18      
Behnke, Julius32   Married    
Behnke, Josephine (Mrs. Julius)32   Married    
Behnke, Martha32 3     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Behnke
Behrendt, Frank110   Married    
Behrendt, Matilda (Mrs. Frank)110   Married    
Behrendt, Agnes 22 Single Cable tester Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Behrendt
Behrendt, Gertrude 17 Single   Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Behrendt
Bela, Raymond        
Belebeck, John        
Belebeck, Mrs. John        
Belmonti, William 19 Single Laborer  
Belsky, Emma 19 Single    
Belson, James        
Bender, Charles C.265 22 Single Grocery store clerk Was dating Pauline Olach
Benda, Stella96 20 Single Machine operator  
Benes, Anna 20 Single    
Benik, Anna 21 Single    
Benn, Samuel 37 Married    
Bennett, Leroy David 21 Single Shophand  
Benson, David G. 25 Married Electrician  
Berg, Gertrud (Mrs. Gustav O.) 35     Sister of May Anderson
Berg, Irene       Daughter of Gertrud (Mrs. Gustav O.) Berg
Berglund, Myrtle J. 12     Niece of Mr. William Stephenson110
Bergman, David A. 22 Single    
Bergquist, Harry D. 15      
Berlin, C. C.110   Married Benchman  
Berlin, Ida May (Mrs. C. C.) 42 Married    
Berner, George C.88 28 Single   Brother of Walter A. Berner; later married Emily Biehl
Berner, Walter A.88 24 Single   Brother of George C. Berner
Berney, Frank        
Berquist, Otto        
Berry, R. D.        
Berry, Mrs. R. D.        
Bertrand, Joseph B. 50 Married    
Betlack, Joseph W. 18 Single Shipping clerk  
Beutelspacher, Mathilda 18 Single Press operator or shop clerk  
Biehl, Frederick W. 26 Married Gang boss Close friend of George C. Berner88
Biel, Albert 27 Single Tinsmith  
Bigalski, Anna 23 Single Wire inspector Sister of Ida and John Bigalski110
Bigalski, Ida110   Single   Sister of Anna and John Bigalski
Bigalski, John110   Single   Brother of Anna and Ida Bigalski
Bilwachs, Louis 19 Single Bookkeeper  
Binkley, James Frank 20 Single    
Bizek, Anna 16 Single   Sister of Mary Bizek
Bizek, Mary 19 Single   Sister of Anna Bizek
Blaha, Frank55 18      
Blaich, John M., Jr. 24 Single Receiving clerk  
Blessing, Ella        
Blessing, John        
Blomm, Pauline        
Bluch, Carl (Charles Block) 21 Single    
Boellcher, H.        
Bohles, Emma313   Single   Accompanied Martha Bross
Bohn, Anna286   Single    
Bollinger, C.        
Bolt, Harry144 18 Single    
Bonga, James110       Brother of Mathew J. Bogna, brother-in-law of Albert Mohr110
Bonga, Mathew J. 23 Single   Brother of James Bogna, brother-in-law of Albert Mohr; Captain of the party, was to have led the parade in Michigan City, Indiana110
Bosch, Elizabeth 30 Single   Friend of Kathryn, Laura, and Lucy Allen110
Bosse, Louis George 26 Single    
Bothun, Svend H. 30 Single Electrician  
Bouffard, Oliver J. 25 Single Clerk or foreman  
Boult, Harry 25 Single    
Bowman, Louis        
Boyd, James        
Boyle, Alma        
Boyle, Ecella        
Boyle, Joseph        
Boys, Thomas        
Boyte, Celina337   Single   Sister of Robert Boyte
Boyte, Robert337   Single Electrician Brother of Celina Boyte; later married Mildred Pavlik
Bradenberg, F.        
Bradley, Frank J. 23 Single Foreman  
Brady, Frank        
Brady, Patrick14       Father of John Brady
Brady, John 23 Single   Son of Patrick Brady
Braitsch, John 42 Married Electrical toolmaker  
Braitsch, Mary (Mrs. John)        
Braitsch, Anna 17 Single Clerk Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Braitsch
Braitsch, Frederick 9     Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Braitsch
Braitsch, Gertrude 11     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Braitsch
Braitsch, Hattie 7     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Braitsch
Braitsch, Marie 5-1/2 months     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Braitsch
Brennan, Thomas F. 23 Single Office worker  
Brenner, Anna 18 Single   Cousin of Catherine Heiser50
Brick, M.        
Brizzolara, Charles A.41       Brother of Ralph D. Brizzolara
Brizzolara, Ralph D.41 20     Brother of Charles A. Brizzolara
Brooks, Alys280 19 Single    
Brosche, Henry 32 Single Foreman  
Brosig, I.        
Bross, Martha313       Accompanied Emma Bohles
Brown, Alfred Bruce311 29 Married    
Brown, J. V.14        
Brown, James        
Brown, T.        
Brown, Willard86 16      
Bruesch, Sophia A. 48 Single Wire insulator  
Brunke (Brunski), W. J.        
Brychta, Anton J. 37 Married Cabinet maker Brother of Joseph A. Brychta
Brychta, Joseph A. 31 Married Inspector Brother of Anton J. Brychta and husband of the sister-in-law of John E. Turek39
Brynacki, Anton 30 Married    
Buchholz, Mabel Deichmann 21 Married Designer, Dennison Manufacturing Company110  
Bucking L. A.        
Bucking, Louis        
Buczkowski, George 28 Married Laborer  
Budner, Lillian        
Budzinska, Yadwiga (Harriet, Hattie Budner) 18 Single    
Buege, Arthur 19 Single    
Buelow, Herbert 18 Single    
Burgeson, Alfred        
Burrick, Al226       Friend of Joe Homolka
Buszkiewicz, Helen Gertrude238 22      
Buth, Anna 20 Single Pieceworker  
Butler, S. T.        
Butler, Mrs. S. T.        

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