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The Passengers (A)

Names in bold represent Western Electric employees
Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Aanstad, Borghild Amelia1 13     Daughter of Marianne Aanstad
Aanstad, Marianne (Marion)1 37 Widow   Half-sister of Olaf Ness
Aanstad, Solveig1 10     Daughter of Marianne Aanstad
Acree, Norman L.        
Adamkiewicz, Marya (Marie) 19 Single Switchboard operator Sister of Martha Adamkiewicz Darka  Additional information
Adamson, W.        
Adler, Augusta 29 Married    
Affeld, Caroline Schroth 36 Married   Sister of Dora Schroth
Agnastoklio (Agnos), Charles186 23 Single Machinist  
Aiko, Edward        
Albertz, Marie 20 Single    
Albrecht, Lena 17 Single Shophand  
Alexander, Ed84        
Alexander, Irene84       Daughter of Ed Alexander
Allen, Kathryn 25 Single   Sister of Laura and Lucy Allen; friend of Lizzie Bosch
Allen, Laura110   Single   Sister of Kathryn and Lucy Allen; friend of Lizzie Bosch
Allen, Lucy110   Single   Sister of Kathryn and Laura Allen; friend of Lizzie Bosch
Allen, Kitty        
Alline, Caroline        
Althaler, Hattie 22 Single    
Anders, Mildred        
Anderson, A. C.        
Anderson (Mrs. A. C.)        
Anderson, Allen 4     Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Anderson
Anderson, Alfred Edward 36 Married Shipping clerk  
Anderson, Anna Selina (Mrs. Alfred Edward) 35 Married    
Anderson, Maurice Alfred George 7     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Edward Anderson
Anderson, Anna 26 Single Forewoman  
Anderson, E. G.        
Anderson, E. J.        
Anderson, George        
Anderson, Ida O. (G.)14        
Anderson, Lottie123        
Anderson, May C. (Mrs. Gustav) 38 Married110   Sister of Gertrud(e) Berg
Anderson, Otto E. 43 Married Blacksmith's helper  
Anderson, Robert Axel 22 Married Laborer  
Andren, Harold E. 19 Single Drafting clerk  
Androvits, Albert110   Married    
Androvits, Susanna (Mrs. Albert) 30 Married    
Androvits, Amalia 6     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Androvits
Androvits, Emerentia 3     Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Androvits
Anognoslo, Charles        
Ansikis, Lewis, 25        
Aquila, Augostino145 35 Married Photographer On top deck with a friend, threw camera into water
Arko, Edward J.        
Arnhorst, C. F.        
Aten, Joseph        
Austin, Kate (Mrs. Thomas E.) 47 Widow Cook  

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