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...we saw rescuers pitching bodies out of the river like logs...

"...we attended the 5:30 A.M. Mass.  We had to hurry home for a bite of breakfast, and then to the docks by 7 A.M.  My girlfriend (now my wife) and I boarded the Eastland.  But since it was uncomfortably jammed, we left it and took the second boat about 100 feet away.  We found plenty of room there and sought a comfortable seat on the shady side of the second deck.  From this point we could not see the Eastland, but just when it was about to leave, we heard the band play: 'Good bye! I'm on the way to Dublin Bay.'  Suddenly we realized that something terrible had happened for, piercing shrieks and heartrending cries at once rent the air.  We all rushed to the other side of our boat to see what it all meant but the captain flourished his revolver and ordered us back.  Then we men were told to lower the lifeboats of our vessel, and we also pulled down all the life savers and cast them into the river.  A ghastly sight!  We saw rescuers pitching bodies out of the river like logs."

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