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Howard Wynn

Howard Wynn

...he was sitting on the cabin floor with his arms around his daughter...

I was on the Eastland, but in no danger as I was on the stern end nearer the wharf side than the river, the side she turned over on; in fact I did not think of it seriously until I saw a woman with a little baby in her arms go into the water, with people dropping all around her.  Just as I got ready to jump for her a life raft with one man on went past so I jumped on that, but as I turned around to get the woman and baby the boat settled and sucked them under so all I could do was pick up the others near, and there was plenty of them.

By the time the Petoskey gave me a line I had about twenty on, women and men piled up like sacks of wheat with nothing but their head uncovered so they could breathe.  We pulled so many on that to keep from sinking some of the fellows had to slip into the water and kick to keep afloat.  Full story

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