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George, Sr., Catherine, George, Jr., and Robert Wood

George, Sr., Catherine, George, Jr., and Robert Wood

...marked July 24th...with a skull and crossbones...

Malwin Nulle, a Western Electric employee and an amateur photographer, was courting Anna Grutzius.  The two had made plans to attend the Western Electric employee picnic, so Malwin purchased tickets for his date and himself.  With Anna running late the morning of the picnic, however, the couple missed boarding the Eastland.

Later in the day, Malwin sent a telegram to his parents advising them that he had not been on the Eastland and that he was safe.  Malwin recorded the cost of the telegram and the other picnic expenses in his daily financial ledger; He marked July 24th in his ledger with a skull and crossbones.

Malwin and Anna later married and raised a family.  Malwin remained a member of the Western Electric family for over 35 years.

(Note: The Western Electric Hawthorne facility is shown in the background in the photo above.)

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