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Clara Teichmiller

Clara Teichmiller

...wrote letters back home, telling her mother of her excitement...

Clara Teichmiller was born in Muscatine, Iowa, the daughter of John and Mattie (Beckman) Teichmiller.  Clara grew up in Muscatine and as a teenager, she left Muscatine for Chicago and began to seek employment.  She moved in and lived with her aunt in Chicago, and was soon employed by the Western Electric Company.

During the weeks before the Western Electric picnic, Clara wrote letters back home, telling her mother of her excitement as she planned to attend the employee picnic and go on the excursion.  Clara went to the picnic with five others, and she later perished aboard the Eastland.  Only one of Clara's party of six survived - her cousin, Mrs. McCrory.  Clara's uncle identified her body, and accompanied her by train back to Muscatine, Iowa.

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