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E. W. Sladkey

E. W. Sladkey

...the tug was still a few feet away when I jumped...

One of the most dramatic, complete, and coherent of the survivors' stories was that told by E. W. Sladkey, head of the Western Electric company's printing department.  Sladkey, the last to board the Eastland and the first to escape, walked over the upper of the vessel and jumped onto the deck of the Kenosha without so much as wetting his feet.  Many of those who were saved, he said, followed his example.

Sladkey...praised the captain of the Kenosha for his presence of mind in backing the tug against the upset Eastland.  But he said the excursion boat's officers and crew gave no warning of the impending disaster until the vessel had heeled beyond an angle of 45 degrees.  Full story

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