James Sikokis

James Sikokis

...disappointment of not being able to go...

James Sikokis worked at the Arcadia Soda Fountain and Candy Store, which was located at Clark Street and Grand Avenue and was owned by his father, Louis Sikokis.  Early in the week preceding the tragedy, a Western Electric employee stopped in at the store for a soda.  The employee, unable to attend the picnic, gave his ticket to Louis.  Louis gave the ticket to his son, James.

Saturday morning, July 24, turned out to be a very busy morning at the Arcadia because Clark and Grand was a trolley car stop where many Western Electric employees got off to walk to the wharf on the Chicago River to board the ship.  Because so many passengers stopped in for a soda, ice cream or candy, Louis asked his son James to stay and serve customers and bus tables.  James was very disappointed at not being able to go on what would have been his first boat trip.

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