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Otto Louis Sass

Otto Louis Sass

...the night before...he had a restless night of sleep...

Otto Louis Sass, 27, worked for the Western Electric Company and had planned on going to the annual picnic.  Otto notoriously never needed an alarm clock in all of his years of working - he just automatically got up early enough.  The night before the picnic he had a restless night of sleep - he was haunted by visions of his deceased sister.  He would wake his wife, Louise, and ask her if she saw anything.  Louise would say, "Otto, go back to sleep.  I don't see a thing."  His wife never saw the vision he did, yet he knew he wasn't dreaming.  The visions continued and interrupted his sleep throughout the night.  When it came time to wake up early to leave for the picnic, Otto overslept.  He had never overslept a day in his life to this point.  Otto decided to just have a leisurely breakfast with his wife at home, and planned to spend the day with her.  Otto went to the corner newsstand to buy a paper and the clerk there turned white and screamed, "Otto, Otto, you are alive!"  It was then that Otto first heard of the horrible news of the Eastland, the ship he should have boarded had it not been for the restless night.

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