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William Raphael

William Raphael

...I saw two women come bobbing up...

"I heard her flop over with a crash and a splash.  I jumped out to the door and saw what had happened.  I saw two women come bobbing up to the surface not far from the shore piling.  I jumped in to grab them."

"Some fat man, his face green with terror, was making for them, too.  I got hold of the women and started to pull them out."

"The fat man held onto the women's dresses, and I couldn't swim with the whole load.  I yelled at him, treading water as I fought.  He wouldn't let go."

"I kicked him in the face and made him let go.  I lost one of the women in the struggle, but I got the other woman to shore safely."

"All three of them might have been saved if that fellow hadn't been scared into a frenzy.  I am glad that I saved one, anyway."

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