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Henry Oderman

Henry Oderman

...dove into the water and got one woman who was going down...

Henry Oderman was working at A. F. Mitchell & Son the morning of the Eastland Disaster.  The Mitchell marine shop was located on the north side of the Chicago River at Orleans Street, a few blocks west of where the Eastland was moored.  When word of the Eastland Disaster reached the shop, Henry and several others immediately left their work and ran down to the dock nearby.  Here they commanded the tug, the Carrie Ryerson, and were the first rescue craft to arrive at the scene of the tragedy.  At one moment while they were pulling people from the river, Henry dove into the water and got one woman who was going down.  Once Henry and his mates had pulled her from the river, it took them a long time to revive her.  Full story.

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