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Carl Nork

Carl Nork

...he helped two women to safety that morning...

Carl Nork left Sweden and came to America in 1912.  He landed in Boston and got a job there before coming to Chicago.  Once in Chicago, he started working for the Western Electric Company in the Sheet Metal Department, or the "Tin Shop" as it was known.

A passenger on board the Eastland and later a survivor of the Eastland Disaster, Carl also was one of the heroes as he helped two women to safety that morning.

Carl worked for Western Electric his entire career.  He was away from Western Electric while he served in World War I, and then went back after the war ended.  During the depression, Western Electric took over the houses that employees were losing because they could not make the mortgage payments.  Carl worked on these houses for Western Electric, repairing gutters at least a couple of days a week in order to bring in an income.

Carl retired from Western Electric in 1949 with 37 years of service.  He married in 1919 and had two children.

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