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Nellie Latowski  Walter Latowski

The Latowskis

...slid off the side of the ship into the water...
...did not make it to safety...
...appeared to have been bruised and crushed...

An employee at Western Electric, Agnes Latowski (Summitt) was aboard the Eastland along with her older brother, Walter, and her older sister, Nellie.  The three Latowskis were in the lounge area below deck, and Agnes had gone into the women's lounge area with a purse handed to her by her sister Nellie.  When the Eastland capsized, Agnes managed to get to a porthole on the starboard side.  After scrambling out of the porthole, she then slid off the side of the ship into the water.  Here she grabbed ahold of a life preserver that someone had thrown to her.  Whereas Agnes was able to make it to safety and to survive the Eastland Disaster, her sister, Nellie, and her brother, Walter, did not.  Walter appeared to have been bruised or crushed, possibly by a piano that was in the lounge area.

Details passed along through the family indicate that Agnes may have helped to save one of her friends, Anna Frydrych (Frederick).  Anna Frydrych (Frederick) also lost a sibling in the tragedy, her sister Alice.

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