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Frances Kubiak

Frances Kubiak

...the four other girls all turned over death cards...

Frances Kubiak and her sister, Anna, went with three of their good friends to a fortune teller to have their cards read.  After the fortune teller read their cards, she asked Frances to stay behind.  The fortune teller told Frances that she saw something hard to comprehend.  The four other girls all turned over death cards, but Frances had not.

All five of the girls were planning to go to the Western Electric employee picnic.  When Frances and Anna told their mother of their intentions, their mother asked them not to go.  Instead she suggested that the two girls go to confession at St. Mary of Czestochowa so that they could receive communion with the Blessed Virgin on Sunday.  Frances and Anna both refused, but at the last minute Frances changed her mind and honored her mother's request.  Anna and her three friends drowned when the Eastland capsized.   (Recollection by Edward J. Liczwek, Jr.)

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