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Jenny Juranek

Jenny Juranek

...was the pitcher for the...Girl's Softball Team...the Western Electric Bloomer Girls...

I was 9 years old at the time, but I remember the day very well.  I was playing with a friend when we heard that the Eastland had capsized in the Chicago River.  My parents were very concerned because my mother's sister, Jenny Juranek, was on the ship.  Jenny was a young woman who was the pitcher for the Western Electric Girl's Softball Team: I think they were called the Western Electric Bloomer Girls.  As I remember, the team was to play a game when they reached their destination in Michigan City.   When the Eastland capsized she was thrown into the water but was able to grab hold of a rail and keep herself afloat.   In the panic, she was able to reach for her box camera that was floating near her.   She was quickly rescued by someone in a rowboat, and she was not injured.  Some time later, Jenny called home and said that she was okay, but wet.    (Recollection by Jerry Muchna.)

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