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Edward D. Hutchings

Edward D. Hutchings

...That boat was always unsafe and it was criminal to run it...

[Saturday, July 24, 1915.]   The most horrible tragedy that I have ever heard of occurred in the Chicago River today.  The Lake S. S. Eastland turned over in the river, tied up to its dock with nearly 3,000 people on board, nearly half of which were drowned.  That boat was always unsafe and it was criminal to run it.  The Western Electric Co were giving a picnic and hundreds lost their lives.  The boat was docked and tied to the dock and it seems too many people all got on one side of the boat, and it just rolled over.  All Chicago can think or talk of nothing else.

[Monday, July 26, 1915.]   Worked well today.  It was nice and cool.  They are still taking bodies out of the Eastland's hull.  The whole city is in mourning.  Armour &Co donated $5000 to a relief fund.

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