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Roberto Fornera

Roberto Fornera

...dove back down to search for her...

Roberto Fornera (left) planned to attend the picnic with his girlfriend, with whom he was very much in love.  Bobby (as his American friends called him) also planned to pop the question when they got to the picnic grounds, asking her to become his betrothed.

Roberto and his girlfriend had barely stepped aboard the Eastland when the ship capsized.   He was an excellent swimmer and, even amidst the mayhem, was able reach safety and could have saved himself.  But when he struggled to the surface and could not locate his beloved, he frantically dove back down to search for her in the murky waters of the Chicago River.  He went back down twice.

Roberto's family was in their home and greatly anticipated the end of the day when they would all gather around the table to share in the excitement of Roberto's engagement.  That time never arrived as Roberto and his girlfriend both perished.

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