Fred and Anna Eichholz

Fred and Anna Eichholz

...she thought she was going to die...that drowning was a peaceful way to go...

When Anna Eichholz slid into the water, she went under and saw many baby buggies with babies inside. She surfaced to her surprise, as she couldn't swim, and went under again. She said she thought she was going to die, and she said she felt that drowning was a peaceful way to go. She surfaced again, and someone was yelling for her to grab the rope, which she did, and she became a survivor. For many years after this tragedy, Anna was afraid to go in the water or in a boat. Much later in life, she finally did go on a sight-seeing boat.

When Anna's husband Fred returned to work, several people from his department were gone. He said there was a feeling of deep sadness for a long time.    (Recollection by Shirley Eichholz Clifford.)

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