Raymond, Ione, and Henry Ehrhardt

Raymond and Ione Ehrhardt
with their Uncle Henry Ehrhardt

...broke apart the family...

Frederic and Clara Ehrhardt took their two young children, Raymond and Ione, on the Western Electric excursion/picnic.  Frederic's brother Henry accompanied the family.  When the Eastland rolled over, Henry was there to help his niece and nephew to safety.  The tragedy, however, did claim the lives of both Frederic and Clara.

The Ehrhardt's thus became one of nineteen families that were left parentless by the tragedy.  After the tragedy young Raymond and Ione were taken in by their aunt Tillie Jensen (Clara's sister).  They stayed with the Jensen's for two years when financial hardships caused the family to breakup: Ione remained with Tillie Jensen's family while Raymond went briefly to his Uncle Henry's farm to live.  A short while later, Raymond wound up at the German Lutheran Evangelical Orphanage in Addison, Illinois where he stayed until adulthood.  Ione eventually moved with the Jensens to Canada.  Ray and Ione were not close and saw each other only infrequently.

The Eastland Disaster broke apart the Ehrhardt family, separating father and mother from son and daughter, forever.  The aftermath of the the Eastland Disaster further broke the family apart, as brother and sister became separated within a few short years.

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