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Captain Charles Carland

Captain Charles Carland

...he received from the coroner a letter of thanks and a silver star...

"A human life has been held by the courts to be worth $5,000.  If Capt. Charles Carland, of the Evanston U. S. Coast Guard Station, had been paid this amount for each life he has saved or helped to save in his 30 years of service he would now be worth $25,000,000, for he has been instrumental in the preservation of some 5,000 lives."

"The Eastland Disaster in 1915, in which 1,031 persons were drowned, was a high spot in Captain Carland's life.  He and his crew saved the lives of eighty-four persons and recovered the bodies of 500 dead.  Some few days later he received from the coroner a package containing a letter of thanks and a silver star bearing a reproduction of the Eastland and the inscription, 'For valued services rendered to the coroner.  Eastland disaster, 1915.'"

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