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Rev. Henry Boester

Rev. Henry Boester

...they found much needed comfort and strength for such a time as that in the Word of God...

Since Grace Lutheran Church is only a mile from the Western Electric, many of its members found employment there.  Hence, among the victims of the catastrophe there were twenty-five members of Grace Lutheran.  Several families lost not only one of their beloved, but in four instances they lost two and in one instance even three of their dear ones.

"Twelve of the victims were buried from the church (Grace Lutheran), and thirteen from the Hitzeman Funeral Home on 26th Street (Chicago).  All funerals were conducted within a period of four days.  Five were buried on July 27, ten on July 28, six on July 29, and four on July 30."

"Pastor Theodore Kohn assisted at the cemetery while I conducted the services at the church.  After the last funeral for the day, I also would go to the cemetery.  I preached on different texts at all funerals.  The texts used were these:"
Proverbs 27:1 Isaiah 43:1 Psalm 146:9 Psalm 46:11
Job 1:21 John 13:7 Matthew 11:28 I Peter 1:24-25
Psalm 39:12-13 John 5:24 Psalm 86:11 I Chronicles 30:15
Song of Solomon 3:1      

"The bereaved at Grace bore the shock of the disaster as well as could be expected under the circumstances.  It was, indeed, a great shock to the whole congregation, and even though the faith of the members of the families who had lost a loved one or more in the disaster was sorely tried, my observation was that they found much needed comfort and strength for such a time as that in the Word of God, which I was priviledged to bring them."

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