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(Michael Timothy donates the original ticket to EDHS co-founders Barbara Decker Wachholz (left) and Susan Decker.)

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Timothy Family Donates Original Ticket To EDHS

EDHS recently received the donation of a ticket to the 5th annual picnic of the employees of the Western Electric Hawthorne Works.  The ticket for the July 24, 1915 event is in near-mint condition.  While the overall condition of the 90 year-old paper artifact is excellent, it is interesting to also note that the ticket is unused.  Upon close examination you will notice that the stub remains attached to the body of the ticket at the perforation line.  How fortunate for the ticket buyer/holder that the ticket was never used.

The Timothy family were the gracious donors of the ticket.  Michael Timothy and his mother, Dorothea Timothy, initially contacted EDHS in mid 2002.  A relationship formed through the exchange of several emails and phone calls, which ultimately led to a personal meeting to review the artifact and discuss the options for donation.  In addition to the budding relationship with the Timothys, the most rewarding part of the donation was the Timothy family's sincerety in doing the right thing: They felt strongly that the ticket could be of most value by being shared with the public, rather than being kept in a family scrapbook in the closet.  Even when faced with the option of selling the artifact to a private party for perhaps as much as several hundred dollars, the Timothys felt the same - the ticket would be of most value by being shared with the public.  EDHS was deeply honored when we were chosen by the Timothys to be the organization to receive and be the stewards of their artifact.

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