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From February 18 through October 9, 2000, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago showcased TITANIC: The Exhibition, a 25,000 square-foot exhibit.  Within this exhibit was a 1,000 square-foot exhibit dedicated entirely to the Eastland Disaster.  The Eastland Disaster Historical Society was the exclusive partner to the Museum in designing the Eastland Disaster exhibit.

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The Eastland Disaster exhibit effectively shared the story of the Eastland Disaster with the general public.  Approximately 800,000 visitors toured through TITANIC: The Exhibition and the Eastland Disaster exhibit!  The exhibit was very well received by the public, as evidenced by this sampling of unsolicited testimonials.
"My family and I have made two trips to see the Titanic exhibit at Science & Industry, and we also spent a lot of time looking at the Eastland tragedy on display.  I think it was very appropriate that the Eastland be included with the Titanic.  The Eastland disaster happened right here, and Chicago is able to share its sorrows among those many visitors from all over who are visiting the Titanic display.  I would hope that Science & Industry would reserve a special place for the Eastland memories.  It is because of organizations like you that we can continue to keep the memory alive for our children and grandchildren.  Thank you for educating me as well."  M. A. of Illinois
"I was at the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Titanic exhibit today.  I had never heard about the Eastland, but many of the nursing home residents I was with had.  I must have watched for 15 minutes while tons of people looked at the small exhibit and almost all had never heard of the Eastland."  N. R. of Chicago
EDHS partnered with ABC/WLS-TV Channel 7 and the Museum of Science and Industry to produce a 4-minute video on the Eastland Disaster (the photographs used in the video were obtained from the Chicago Historical Society).  Narrated by ABC's Ron Magers, the video was shown continuously in the Eastland Disaster exhibit.  Because of the work done by EDHS, the Museum estimated that it was able to save $10,000-$70,000 in video production costs.
We helped organize a cocktail reception in February at the Museum of Science and Industry for fifty guests.  Our guests were the families who loaned artifacts to the Museum to help make the Eastland Disaster exhibit the success that it was.  The cocktail reception included a private "sneak-preview" of the Titanic and Eastland Disaster exhibits.
The Eastland Disaster exhibit was very well received by the media, as evidenced by this quote from the Chicago Tribune.  (The article in its entirety can be found here.)
"What turns out to be the show's most informative part for many has nothing to do with the Titanic. "It is the section devoted to the SS Eastland.There is an excellent video, narrated by WLS-Ch. 7's Ron Magers, and enough pictures (including one dramatic shot of a morgue housing many of the bodies), poignant personal accounts and other memorabilia related to this event to make it -- for some -- the highlight of the entire exhibit." Mike Conklin, Chicago Tribune
To commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Eastland Disaster, EDHS hosted a respectful observance of Chicago's greatest tragedy.  The event, sponsored by Lucent Technologies, was held at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry on the evening of Saturday, July 22, 2000.  Over 300 people with personal connections to the Eastland Disaster attended.  Guests enjoyed a fantastic dinner, a spectacular one-hour long program, and a private showing of TITANIC: The Exhibition (including the Eastland Disaster exhibit).  For additional information, go here.

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