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The Second Regiment Armory

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Rescue and relief

BulletAmerican Red Cross 

BulletBusinesses, stores and warehouses 

BulletCharitable organizations 

BulletCity of Chicago

BulletDepartment of Health, Fire Department, Fire Insurance Patrol, Police Department, Public Welfare Department

BulletCook County

BulletBureau of Public Welfare

BulletCoroner's Office

BulletEcclesial and religious 
Bishops and pastors conducted numerous funeral services over several days, and in many cases, conducted multiple funerals in a single service.

BulletFuneral homes and professionals 
They worked tirelessly, in some cases for days, attending to the needs of the victims and their families.

BulletHeroes and those who assisted
These people assisted during the rescue, recovery and relief efforts, some putting their lives at risk to help save others.

BulletMedical professionals
Under construction.

BulletOthers with a connection
People who through happenstance shared in the tragedy of the Eastland Disaster.

BulletReid, Murdoch & Company
Under construction.

BulletUnited States Coast Guard
Crew who assisted in the rescue of 84 passengers and the recovery of 570 bodies.

BulletWestern Electric
Under construction.


BulletRighting of the Eastland

Investigation and legal proceedings

BulletCoroner's inquiry
Under construction.

BulletCriminal trial
Under construction.

BulletCivil trial
Under construction.

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