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Record of Funeral - Bessie Cepak
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"Let the entire funeral be conducted in a quiet, well-ordered and dignified manner, and you have conferred a lasting favor upon those who required the sorrowful need of your service.  This is the best method of advertising an undertaker can and should employ, and it is the stepping-stone for sure success."  Source: The American Funeral Record, 1915.  Courtesy Moravecek Funeral Home.

Funeral homes and professionals
Thomas J. Ahern Undertaker 214 S. Kedzie Avenue, Chicago  
Lawrence J. Bastian, Sr.327 Employed at P. J. Hursen's 2346 W. Madison Street, Chicago  
Boland & O'Connor Undertaker 4022 W. Madison Street, Chicago  
S. F. Bowen Undertaker 410 S. Western Avenue, Chicago  
James Bradley & Son Undertaker 1820 W. Harrison Street, Chicago  
Albert Brubbe Undertaker 4226 W. 26th Street, Chicago  
Charles C. Burmeister Undertaker 1424 Larrabee Street, Chicago  
George J. Buss Undertaker 1214 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago  
John Carooll's Son Undertaker 833 N. Clark Street, Chicago  
John Carroll & Son Undertaker 4542 W. Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago  
Thomas J. Cassidy Undertaker 1131 S. California Avenue, Chicago  
Frank Cerny294 Employed at Otto Muchna's 2716 South Central Park Avenue, Chicago  
Louis Cohn Undertaker 318 Federal Street, Chicago  
Charles J. Costello Undertaker 2324 W. Lake Street, Chicago  
Stephen D. Drazba Undertaker 5356 Grand Avenue, Chicago  
Joseph Fakan Undertaker 1226 S. May Street, Chicago  
F. & T. J. Gordon Undertaker 1837 S. Halsted Street, Chicago  
E. C. Hale (E. J. Hales) Undertaker 3615 W. 22nd Street, Chicago  
Edward I. Harty Undertaker 3712 Ogden Avenue, Chicago  
Henn Brothers Undertaker 504 S. Lincoln Street, Chicago  
Hitzeman Funeral Home120 Funeral Home 26th Street, Chicago  
F. W. Hochspeier Undertaker 2410 W. North Avenue, Chicago  
P. Holmquest Undertaker 2128 S. 22nd Street, Chicago  
P. J. Hursen Undertaker 2346 W. Madison Street, Chicago  
John T. Kelly Undertaker 2616 S. 38th Street, Chicago  
Ernest Krebser Undertaker 4120 W. 12th Street, Chicago  
Charles Kriz Undertaker 2611 S. Lawndale Avenue, Chicago  
John C. Kruse Undertaker 2130 W. 21st Street, Chicago  
A. Linhart and Son Undertaker 1344 W. 19th Street, Chicago  
H. Marik & Sons Undertaker 2544 S. Crawford Avenue, Chicago  
Joseph A. Martin138 Undertaker Harrison Street, Chicago Nephew of John O'Donnell
McCabe & Finnell Undertaker 3952 Colorado Avenue, Chicago  
Joseph B. McSherry Undertaker Cicero  
Moravecek Funeral Home Funeral home Cicero  
Otto C. Mroch Undertaker 4318 S. Mozart Street, Chicago  
Otto Muchna26 Undertaker 2716 South Central Park Avenue, Chicago List of victims serviced
H. W. Mueller Undertaker 3221 Armitage Avenue, Chicago  
A. J. Mutke Undertaker 449 W. 26th Street, Chicago  
W. H. Nelles Undertaker 928 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago  
William Nelles Undertaker 4041 W. North Avenue, Chicago  
Joseph Nosek Undertaker 1511 S. Crawford Avenue, Chicago  
O'Donnell and Sons138 Funeral home Harrison Street, Chicago  
John O'Donnell138 Proprietor Harrison Street, Chicago Uncle of Joseph A. Martin
William J. O'Neil & Son Undertaker 1618 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago  
Peterson Brothers Undertaker 2259 22nd Street, Chicago  
John E. Pettekoske Undertaker 2201 W. 18th Street, Chicago  
S. J. Pysnowski Undertaker 2219 S. Whipple Street, Chicago  
Frank E. Reda Undertaker 1003 W. Polk Street, Chicago  
Roberts & Olson (Olsen) Undertaker 1625 Wells Street, Chicago  
Rohn & Grahl Undertaker 1244 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago  
Adam Schatzlin Undertaker 2418 Lowe Avenue, Chicago  
Stanley Schlieben Undertaker 1509 Superior Street, Chicago  
George W. Scott Undertaker 2309 Madison Street, Chicago  
H. D. Sheldon Undertaker 912 W. Madison Street, Chicago  
Edward G. Shute Undertaker 328 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago  
Lars Smith Undertaker 2056 W. 21st Street, Chicago  
E. J. Sullivan Undertaker 230 W. North Avenue, Chicago  
H. J. Thorman Undertaker 3163 Ogden Avenue, Chicago  
William Urbanek & Son Undertaker 3814 W. 26th Street, Chicago  
J. Weinstein Undertaker 3654 W. 12th Street, Chicago  
Wold & Wold Undertaker 2709 W. North Avenue, Chicago  
Mrs. J. Wyand Undertaker 2055 W. 22nd Street, Chicago  
John Zidek308 Undertaker 1407 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago List of victims serviced

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