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Officers and members of the crew

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Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Officers and members of the Crew
Baker, William     Baggage man  
Barrett, William     Deckhand  
Brennan, Joe 35   Deckhand  
Canning, John     Waiter  
Carlson, Henry     Vegetable man  
Daniels, Thomas     Electrician  
Daly, John     Fireman  
Davis, Charles     Fireman/stoker  
Dibbell, Charles M.     Radio officer  
Elbert, John V.     Gauge tender  
Erickson, Joseph M.     Chief engineer Brother of Peter Erickson
Erickson, Peter 19   Oiler Brother of Joseph M. Erickson
Fisher, Delbert     First mate  
Fisher, Peter     Second mate  
Flannigan, William     Deckhand  
Fuchs, Phillip     Firemen's messroom waiter  
Gadory, L. D.17     Candy butcher  
Gordon, William     Wheelsman  
Green, Joseph     Coal passer  
Hamilton, Hugh     Mess waiter  
Hannill, Fred     Doll concession man  
Hanniwell, Sam     Second cook  
Harris, Harry     Cook  
Hessong, Lester T.20     Oiler Was off duty but on board
Hicks, Robert Elliott200 21   Deckhand  
Junker, Halgar148     Wireless operator Had left his post on leave and was on the Steamer Alabama; rendered heroic service in the work of saving people
Kelley, James     Coal passer  
Lasser, Charles     Baggageman  
Lepper, Daniel     Baggageman  
Major, William B.34     Dining room concession  
McCabe, Frank     Deckhand  
McKenzie, Robert     Coal passer  
Monger, George W.     Purser  
Novelli (Novella), Paul     Waiter  
Pedersen, Harry     Captain  
Ramond, Charles J.     Pantryman  
Rankin, Robert     Coal passer  
Shearer, Clyde     Water tender  
Silvernail, Charles F.     First assistant engineer  
Snow, Fred G.     Second assistant engineer  
Stenson, James79 21 Single Assistant Purser  
Webber, Albert     Wheelsman  
Wycoff, Albert     Chief steward  

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