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Chicago Police Department Officer
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Names in italics represent those who perished
Names in courier font represent unsubtantiated information

Chicago Police Department
Brooks, Walter P.34 34 Married Traffic patrolman In the river twenty hours rescuing people
Clinton, Sr., James H.331 40 Married Traffic patrolman Spent all day helping recover victims from the Chicago River
Fisher, Fred123     On duty patrolman  
Foresman, Guy292     Off duty patrolman Helped pull survivors from the river
Halvorsen, Anthony289        
Head, Paul34 32   Telephone operator Received the first flash of the sinking of the steamer Eastland
Healy, Charles233     Police Chief  
Huff, Albert34 52      
Kerley, Jack J.241        
Lescher, John S.123     On duty patrolman  
McFarlane, John B.207 34      
O'Rourke, Frank34 32   Telephone operator Flashed the news of the tragedy over police wires, assembling ambulances and notifying the chief
Ryan, William273       Broke leg helping people get off of the Eastland
Sesher, Henry17        
Wolff, Bernard197        

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