Eastland Disaster exhibit Eastland Disaster exhibit

Dozens of ships - from schooners to steamers - sank in Lake Michigan off the coast of Berrien County, Michigan.  To share the history of these shipwrecks with the public, the Berrien County Historical Association recently opened a new exhibit in St. Joseph, Michigan.  This harbor town, located in the northwest part of Berrien County, will feature "Lost on the Lakes: Shipwrecks of Berrien County."  The exhibit will be open from May 25 through November 4.  Original artifacts, historical photographs, and memorabilia are featured in the exhibit.  

Even though the S. S. Eastland did not sink off of the Berrien County coast, it nonetheless is featured in this St. Joseph maritime exhibit because of the Eastlandís historical significance to St. Joseph: At the time of the Eastland Disaster, the S. S. Eastland was owned/operated by the St. Joseph-Chicago Steamship Company.

The Eastland Disaster Historical Society was the exclusive partner to the Berrien County Historical Association in designing the Eastland Disaster portion of the exhibit.

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